Jul 23

weekend fun


I had every intention of posting this post yesterday, but that just didn’t happen. Between cleaning up puppy pee and loving on some cranky kids all while trying to make a meal for a family in our church who are leaving to pick up there adopted daughter (YAY!!!), let’s just say, it just didn’t happen. So here we are, Tuesday, and I am just now finishing up this post about our weekend. But that’s okay. kitchenaid On a side note, maybe it’s time for me to reset my “normal” to a little more “crazy”. I feel like I keep saying how crazy it is. So there, I did it. I just reset our new “normal” to “crazy” for all the world to see. laundrybasket Back to the original post… This weekend flew by! Ian was busy with meetings, mowing the lawn, and getting a flat tire. And I was busy with kids and a puppy. (Ian has helped me too). laundry basket Saturday we did our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s and ate dinner at Chipotle. We don’t eat there often, but we should. It’s so yummy! We then headed to Caribou Coffee for Ian and Menchi’s Frozen Yogurt for me! I love a good cup of Frozen Yogurt. The kids helped me eat my FroYo. bath time Then Sunday we headed off to church to hear an awesome sermon from Paster Scott. It’s the best sermon I have heard in awhile. But then again, it was the first Sunday in a long time I was able to sit through the whole thing without needing to attend to one of my children. Needless to say, it was very refreshing and just what I needed to hear to start off my week. I feel like I always need to be remind to lay down my life and to live out my doctrine in love. bathtime On a lesser note, I gave Job a haircut while Ruthie was in a laundry basket and the puppy ran around in the crazy humidity. And of course I decided to let Job eat a sticky sucker… with all of his hair clippings flying around. Let’s just say it was crazy. We were all covered in hair, sweating, and in much need of a bath. bathtub It was a full, busy weekend, and it was one where I was FIGHTING for joy, but we made it to another week. So here we are. Tuesday. Off to do more fighting.


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