Sep 17

vacation recap


This past week we got back from our vacation in Key West and Mexico. We had a great time of fun and relaxation. We hit the road for our 10 hour dive to Orlando, FL early Saturday morning. We had to get to the Orlando Airport by 6 pm to pick my parents up. So we hit the road and only stopped twice.
vacation Isn’t that a sweet little view?
vacation-1 I couldn’t help but sing that Florida Georgia Line song as we drove by.
vacation-2 One of our stops was going to be In-N-Out Burger. I never really liked In-N-Out Burger until I had it when I was pregnant with Job. I have been craving it ever since. I was so delighted to find out there was one only 20 minutes out of the way! Let’s just say we were disappointed, to say the least, when this is what we found at the location of the purported “In-N-Out Burger” on the map. (Now we know they only have locations on the West Coast.)

So we set out to find something else for lunch. We ended up eating at Tijuana Flats. It’s one of my new favorite spots. If you have one in your area, you should try their Chicken Flautas. MMM! vacation-3 We hit some CRAZY rain on our drive. We almost had to pull over. We were going like 35 MPH in a 75 MPH! We were all driving with our hazard lights on. vacation-4 After the storm cleared we had some of the most beautiful clouds. The sky was BEAUTIFUL. This pictures does not do it justice.  vacation-5 Once we picked up my parents we settled in. The next morning we hit the pool. Ruthie and Grandpa had a very special bond. She LOVED snuggling with him! vacation-6 Job loved the great little kiddie pool. He quickly got used to the water and by the end of the trip he was putting his face in the water and blowing lots of bubbles! So brave.  vacation-7 While my parents hung out with the kids in Florida, Ian and I headed out for our cruise to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. We had a great time. We had lots of rain right before we got into Key West so the street was flooded. It was such a cute little place. I would love to spend a whole vacation there, not just a quick stop.  vacation-8 While we were in Key West, we had a little bracelet made for Ruthie. It turned out so CUTE! I am so glad Ian convinced me to get it. I got to pick out the colors to go with her name beads. SO fun. And Roo-Roo loves it. vacation-9 vacation-10 The first two days of the cruise were cloudy and a little rainy. So we spent most of our time under cover, napping, or watching TV in our room. It was a nice, relaxing few days.
vacation-11 vacation-12 After Key West, we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. It was still overcast, but the water was beautiful. We ended up renting a Wave Runner. It was a great way to experience Mexican waters.
vacation-13 The view from the little beach we were on was perfect.  vacation-14 Our last day on the cruise ended up being perfectly sunny weather. We spent the whole day out in the sun, getting fried. It was marvelous. The cruise we were on had three water slides too. So when we would get hot, we would go down the water slides. What a fun way to cool off!  vacation-15 By the time the cruise was done, I was ready to get back to my kiddos. It was a great time with just the hubby and I, but we were both ready to squeeze our littles.  vacation-16 The kids were so glad to see us. Which I was thankful for. I was a little nervous Ruthie wouldn’t remember me, but that wasn’t a problem at all. vacation-17 We got a picture of Ruthie standing on her own for the first time! So fun! My baby is getting so BIG! vacation-18 vacation-19 Once we were back in Florida, we found out a friend from High School was visiting Florida as well. We were able to meet up with her for a few hours and catch up. SO fun! I am so glad we got to catch up with Kate. Check out her blog over here.

vacation-20 The timeshare had a great little kid park that Job conquered. He was a climbing BEAST! He loved the slide too.
vacation-21 After a long morning in the pool, Ruthie snugged up next to Grandpa, her little buddy. She just laid next to him for 20 minutes.

vacation-23 On our last day in Florida, we played a quick round of Put-Put. Job loved hitting all the balls. He basically just went around hitting all the balls or handing our back to us. I think we may have a little golfer on our hands! Ian and I wouldn’t mind that! :)

So glad we could get away for a few days alone as well as hang with my parents and the kiddos in Florida. So much fun! We loved it but are definitely ready to get “back in the swing of things.” Fall is just around the corner! (I LOVE this time of year.)


  • Kate Retherford

    It was so great to see you guys!!! How crazy is it that we were both in Florida at the same time?! I love this picture of us – just as silly as high school but now we’re all growed-up!

    • Kim

      So crazy and fun. I love how silly the picture turned out. Just like you said, just like us! :)

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