Oct 17

the temper tantrum


Yesterday our little Roo-Roo decided to only take an hour nap from her usual 2-3 hour nap. When she woke up, she was less than pleasant. I had made cupcakes earlier in the day and decided to let her have one. Who isn’t happy eating a cup cake, right? Well, my not-so-evil plan worked. She loved it to say the least. cupcakes That is until she finished it. temper-4 temper temper-2 temper-3 temper-5 It was the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. Total depravity was very evident here. Much laughter was needed on my part to get through the craziness happily. We all survived. temper-7 Job has even learned how to tell sissy to “SHHHHH!!!” It’s very cute. temper-8  He has even learned how to laugh at her in her crazy crying! We all have. And not in a “that is so cute and funny” kind of way. More in the “that is so ugly and silly (foolish)” kind of way. Because if we can’t learn to laugh at things that would otherwise drive us to anger, well, we will likely be angry. And at the rate of fussiness that we can generate in one afternoon, I would be angry way too often.

Hopefully these pictures give you a good laugh too. We love our little Ruthie and hope to teach her one day to laugh when anger or freaking out seem like the only two options. So, bring it on, tomorrow. We may not always have perfect joy, but we can always laugh. And laughter is war.

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  • chuckweinberg

    Love my wise daughter. She’s like her mama, who loved her some food too. Keep up the work- you will be able to enjoy the fruit when you’re a grandma:)

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