Jun 26

the great adventures of mr. underpants


I feel the need to attempt to explain these pictures, but I am having a hard time finding where to start. It was very muggy outside. My kids were being crazy. They needed to have some fun. So naturally, we got the undies out to play with. The undies have yet to make their big debut into daily use for this little man, but for now, they make great hats for all. Yes, even mommy had a pair on her head. But thankfully, no pictures were taken of that sight!

IMG_8306 IMG_8309 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8316

Naturally, you play a hybrid game of golf/baseball while wearing your underpants helmet!  IMG_8319 IMG_8320 IMG_8334 Look at those alligator tears. Like me, both of my children have huge tears that can soak a shirt in about 10 seconds. It’s so funny to me how much our kids look like me when they cry, but maybe that’s because nobody really knows what daddy looks like when he’s crying.


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