Aug 30

thankful thursday #7


Here we are, Thursday. It just happens that my little brother is leaving for China on a “thankful thursday”. And so, I dedicate this post to him. Many of you don’t know my brother, Garrett. He is by far my FAVORITE redheaded brother. He is my hope for having a lefty and redheaded child. He is goofy and can make anything super fun! 148315_497475083638067_64879225_n Some of my favorite memories of Garrett involve a shopping cart and a grocery list. I always made him come shopping with me because I didn’t want to be all alone and he just simply made it more fun.

He has always had a soft heart and is sensitive to sin. I am a rule follower, but he takes it to a whole different level, in a good way. He is a man (that’s so strange to call him a man because he’s my toothless, freckled, 5 year old brother) of integrity and always looking to do what is right. thankful-thursday I am so excited to see what the next 10 months in China brings. God brought us John (my adopted Chinese brother) and used that to give Garrett a heart for the Chinese people. He has been taking Chinese language courses at the community college over the last year and was given a recommendation by his professor to teach English at a high school in China. I am so excited for him and this BIG adventure. I can’t wait to hear all of the fun stories and hear all the crazy things he eats.

Hope you have a great time Garrett! You will be missed! So thankful for you on this Thursday!

happy thursday!


  • Katie Alesso

    Three things:

    1) This is so sweet, and I’m excited for Garrett! I’m sure God will use him in big ways.
    2) Your blog is so beautiful!
    3) I think I’m going to start Thankful Thursdays!

    • Kim

      Ahhh! You’re so sweet Katie. Glad you like the blog. We are sure having a great time with it! And Yay for “thankful thursdays!”

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