Aug 9

thankful thursday #4


This week has been a week of fighting for joy. It’s been a long hard fight. But it’s funny, because the week seems to be chalked full of things to be thankful for. Since my little man just turned two, I thought I would spend this post focused on him. sleeping baby Where to begin with my little Jobie? He is such a delight. He isn’t talking much, but certainly making progress. He loves cars, trucks, balls, anything that has to do with Dada, and loves to make his sissy laugh. He hates the dog jumping on him, going down the dark hall way, and eating. fall He had his 2 year check up this week as well. I was a little nervous for it because he is on the small side (since he stopped nursing at 8 months) and hates eating. Those two things don’t make for a good program for growth. But the Lord is faithful. He weighed in at 25.9lbs (34%) and 34.5 in (39%). The Lord has been faithful to take the little amount that my boy eats and grow him strong. He may be on the small side, but healthy nonetheless. I know this may seem like a small thing, but I want to give Him praise for keeping my little man healthy. I know that’s a gift and it’s one to be very thankful for. screaming On a much lighter note, I have been eating up all the Jobie cuddles recently! He has fallen asleep on me in the last month, more than I ever remember. He has been climbing up on my lap more to get in a few hugs and then off to play again. He gives the best “squeezy” hugs and big, wet, juicy kisses. He is so affectionate, like his daddy. He has a good man to emulate. I fear Ruthie takes after me… She wants to be with her people all the time, but no need for snuggles. :) IMG_0555 So on this Thursday, I find myself fighting to be thankful, all the while, knowing I am blessed far more then I deserve. We do serve a kind God, who lavishes an abundance of sweet gifts on His people. What a great picture of the gospel.


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  • Christie Funchess

    Hey Kim! I can totally relate to being very thankful for a good growth report at a doctor’s visit. There was a time where I was elated when our Gracie got on the the chart (1% woohoo!) Now it’s kind of a joke that every word she says has to do with food ~ she eats all the time. Yay!

    • Kim

      Yay for growing babies! :) It’s crazy how some things seem so serious and consume so much of our thoughts and then, we can just laugh about it. I really do think God has quite the sense of humor :) It keeps us trusting him! :)

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