Aug 2

thankful thursday #3

I am sure I’m going to say this every week, but how is it already Thursday? I thought I would format this week’s post a little differently for a couple of reasons. First, my computer is down so I am using Ian’s computer. Which in turn means I don’t have access to any of my pictures. And second, this week marks our church’s 5 year anniversary so I thought I would pay a little tribute to my local church, Redeemer Community Church.

We had the privilege of attending Redeemer for the first time three years ago on the anniversary Sunday. We had just moved here from WA and didn’t know a soul. We felt very alone being so far away from everyone we knew but we were warmly greeted and overwhelmed by all the invitations to lunch and dinner. The invitations were so abundant we were booking weeks out! We knew that first Sunday that this was the church for us. And just three months later, we became members.

It has been so refreshing to be at Redeemer. It’s just enough like our old stomping grounds but at the same time, the Lord is using it to challenging us in new areas. It’s been a joy to be apart of the Redeemer family. We love the people, fellowship, and worship. We are so very thankful for this body of believers and for its leadership. It’s been so great to see the Gospel lived out by the leaders and the congregation.

So on this muggy, dreary, Thursday I’m feeling very thankful. My husband told me the first month we were here, that by the time it came time for us to leave, I would be sad. I didn’t believe him… but once again, he was so very right.

happy thursday!

PS- We still have at least one more school year here! We aren’t leaving tomorrow. :)

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