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Oct 8

a few of my favorite recipes (round 2)

It’s been a while since I have done “a few of my favorite recipes”, so I thought it was time to link up and share with you a few yummy things I have been cooking in the kitchen. So with my “work buddy” conked out next to me and a pumpkin candle all lit, I think we are ready to rumble.

EllaBethThis is one of my favorite things to eat right now: chipotle chicken soup! It’s got a bit of a kick to it and it’s loaded with flavor! Also, a few other bonuses… it can be made in the crockpot AND it makes for some great left overs. We have served it over noodles, rice, and all by it’s lonesome and we have loved it each time. I love it with some avocados served up on top or even some guacamole. MMM.


Next up, FOOD HACK: whole foods power cookies. These yummy power cookies have become a staple in our house. They are super versatile and I love that you can pack them full of yummy and nutritious foods. They are easy on the run and freeze great. They make a big batch and we freeze half in individual ziplock bags so we can grab them on the go. We eat them for breakfast, as a snack, or even dessert. You can’t go wrong. Yummy.


Have I told you I like Kale? And in almost every form? It’s true. I think it’s super yummy and I love all the nutrients packed into its little leaves. But for those of you who aren’t so fond of it… please don’t give up on it until you AT LEAST try it like this… Quick and Simple Stir-Fried Kale and Bacon. That’s right folks, I’m telling you to eat your veggies enveloped in Bacon. It’s oh so delicious!


Okay, Last up… Paleo Meatball Subs! This is my go-to Meatball recipe. It’s so fresh and yummy every time. I’ve never made the “buns” but I love these meatballs and sauce all by themselves served up with some roasted veggies. They are great over pasta or even in some bread smothered in garlic butter and cheese. However you want to eat them, they are delish.


Avocado Chicken Lime Soup… I make this for our first day of preschool! Aa is for Avocado. It had great flavor and is for sure going on our regular rotation. It was a BIG hit with everyone. There were no left overs in sight.


Also for preschool I made Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts. They were fall in a dessert. Perfect pumpkiny flavor and loaded with spices. I love the almond crust too, but I am a sucker for almond meal. Be sure to give them a try soon. They are sure to not disapoint.


Hope you find a few of these to be helpful and yummy too.

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Oct 7

blueberry coconut parfait

It’s been forever since I have done a recipe. This one was just too simple and yummy and HEALTHY to pass up. I had to share. I am currently over halfway through a (mostly) whole30. I feel so great and am loving lots of new recipes that I have been trying. I am writing another “a few of my favorite recipes” to share a few of those said recipes.

blueberry coconut parfeHope you enjoy this yummy recipe! I just finished eating a bowl of it and am very glad there are leftovers in the fridge for later! :)

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Mar 18

a few of my favorite recipes

I have a few recipes of my own in the works, but they aren’t ready to share with y’all. So I thought I would share some new recipes we have tried lately, and really liked. Hope you get a chance to try a few of these yummy dishes soon.IMG_3928We have been loving these Whole Wheat Waffles. They are great topped with pure maple syrup, or strawberries and whipped cream. This recipe makes a huge batch. They do toast up in the toaster quite nicely for a quick, yummy breakfast. But if I just want fresh ones, I half the recipe.

This Irish Soda Bread was divine. I made two loafs – one with just the basics and another with orange and cranberry add ins with a little sugar. I think the plain served with Honey Butter was the favorite. This would be a great addition to any soup or chili recipe. And be sure to make this Irish Stew sometime. I did it with stew beef and beef broth. It was my first attempt at stew and it was glorious with very tender meat. It was super yummy and hearty.

We really liked these Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Tacos. They had great flavor and were a big hit. The kids ate tons of the filling on its own the next day.

Another yummy new addition is this Berry and Quinoa Oatmeal! Both kids were asking for more and I was left hoping there was still some more in the pan. We will be adding this to our breakfast rotation for sure. Yummy and healthy. I loved the frozen berries on top to help the oats cool and then sprinkled the brown sugar on top instead of stirring it in because I love how brown sugar almost caramelizes on top of hot oats. It get’s all syrupy and delicious. Be sure to check this recipe out. It will be sure to please. (I doubled it for the kids and I… If you double the recipe the 6TBS of both the oats and the quinoa equal 1/3 cup each… hope that makes doubling easier)

And one last one, this Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup is a great one to add to your crockpot list. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot Saturday night and put it in the refrigerator over night. Then Sunday morning I pulled it out before church. It cooked while we were worshipping and then we came home to a yummy smelling house and were able to fellowship with some friends over a yummy, easy meal. Just served it with some chips. Super quick and easy. We ate the whole pot. Ruthie ate 3 bowls. I would say that’s a win.

Hope this is helpful and you are able to give a few of them a try. More favorites to come. For now, enjoy your Saint Pattie’s day! We are off to celebrate by eat homemade pizza with our friends the Ronks who are passing through Raleigh on their way to their old stomping grounds in Eastern NC. Can’t wait to see them and feast a little.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Oct 19

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

People, it’s officially fall. And I am overjoyed at that fact. It’s finally starting to look and feel like fall here in NC. The weather is staying in the high 60′s to low 70′s and the leaves are starting to turn colors and fall off the trees.pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookiesI was talking with a friend at church and we were saying how we are ready to wear a chunky sweater and boots, with a scarf around our necks, and a hot pumpkin spice latte in our hands. It’s not quite that cold out, yet. But we are eagerly awaiting that time. But for now, I will stick with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies-3I found this cookie recipe a few weeks ago and have been waiting to try it out. The first week seemed like the perfect time to try it. It was a big hit with the family. They were soft and chewy without being too “cakey”, like lots of pumpkin cookies can tend to be.

chocolate-chip-cookies-2I was going to take the pumpkiny goodness to some friends who are moving, but I don’t think there are enough to take the cookies over to them. I can’t show up with 5 cookies on a plate. How lame would that be? I guess we will have to suffer through the rest of the batch.

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Oct 14

meal planning

I feel as though I have tried every sort of meal plan out there. I have always hated meal planning until I came up with what I am about to share with you. I love LOOSE structure. I am laid-back but somehow a go-getter at the same time. This meal plan seems to work well with my personality and for my family. I hope it will help some of y’all and maybe save you a little time and money too. And I know this may not be for everyone, but what plan is.

So here’s what I do. Every Friday I write down 7 meals on my chalkboard. I try and take into account if we are planning on having company over that week and find something that can easily be made for a larger number of people. I also try to consider what I already have in my refrigerator and pantry.chalk boardI then make my grocery list of the items I don’t have on hand already. As I run out of baking things and staple items, I add them to my list throughout the week. I keep a running list on my iPhone (I use the app “reminders”). I love that I can check things off my list as I put them in my cart and the item disappears from my list. It makes it feel like I am really accomplishing something (because I am :).trader joesThen each day, I pick something off my list of meals and then cross it off the board. If there are any meals on the board that don’t get used for whatever reason, I just move it to the following week, and that’s one less meal I have to shop for.meal planningI get tired of writing down a meal for each specific day of the week, but I found myself rewriting my calendar every other night because plans change, or kids were fussing and I didn’t have time to make the lasagna from scratch with homemade bread sticks and mozzarella cheese I made from the cow I milked.  Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you get the idea.meal-planningI know life happens and I have to be flexible and I feel like this meal plan really works well for our family. It’s structured with wiggle room. It’s rules with lots of grace. It’s my kind of meal plan.

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Oct 1

lasagna soup

Sunday evening was one of those nights were I had no idea what we were having for dinner. I had spent the afternoon at a friends baby shower, which was way too much fun. I came home and had no motivation to cook. I set out looking for a soup recipe but wasn’t having any luck. You see, my husband isn’t really a soup fan, so it has to be something hearty with meat.lasagna-soup-3After searching Pinterest high and low, I decided to just start cooking. My original thought was some sort of chicken barley soup. Then I thought maybe a tomatoey soup with grilled cheese croutons. But I finally landed on a lasagna soup. I am so glad I did. It was divine. The hubby even like it. A lot! YAY!lasagna-soup-2This soup is hearty, filled with lots of veggies and meat. It’s a one pot stop and delicious. I love that it has all those lasagna flavors – basil, oregano, garlic, and parsley. It’s creamy, dreamy, and cheesy. My small appetite Jobie ate two bowls of it. This is defiantly a recipe I want to remember.lasagna-soup-4My friend Keri has a vegetarian lasagna soup that I have been dying to try but I don’t have a food processor. It is on my list of recipes to try once I get a food processor. And yes, I know, someone who cooks as much as I do should own a food processor. Someday. For now, I will stick with this yummy recipe.

lasagna-soup-6lasagna-soup-5Okay, I know this picture really has nothing to do with this post other then the fact that Ruthie has the Lasagna Soup all over her face, but seriously, look how bad this picture is of her. I love it. It makes me laugh so hard. She just recently discovered her nose. It’s a new favorite pastime. Anyway, enjoy the yummy soup and think of this picture while you’re making it – because it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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Sep 24

bbq chicken pizza

BBQ-chicken-pizza2My recipe for BBQ Chicken Pizza is over on ForChicSake. Go check it out for a nice, quick, yummy weeknight dinner. It is sure to please (unless you don’t like BBQ sauce, like my husband).

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Sep 20

greek yogurt pancakes

I had ever intention of making Blueberry Buckle Muffins this morning to share with y’all. I had the muffin tin all ready to go. Then, Ruthie fell in the sink. Yes, quite literally. Hank got soaked outside from the rain, therefore getting water and mud all over my floor. Not only that but every other step I was crushing more blueberries on the floor. It was my own fault because I gave each kid a pint of blueberries to eat out of. You can only imagine the mess. So, that left me looking for something a little less involved. So here we are. Greek Yogurt Pancakes.

We love pancakes in this household! There are many mornings that we eat pancakes, so I am always looking for different variations of them. I came across greek yogurt pancakes and have tried my fair share of them. I think I have FINALLY come up with a good protein packed pancake with greek yogurt that actually tastes good and has a light and fluffy texture, like a pancake should.butter pancakesgreek yogurt pancake greek yogurt pancakesThese do fluff up quite a bit and spread out on the pan, so start a little on the small side when pouring your batter. If you don’t, you will end up with them all running together, creating one giant pancake.plain greek yogurt pancakes syrup and pancakesThis recipe was adapted from Julia’s Album. As shared on Frugally Sustainable.



Sep 17

vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling

This week is birthday week in the Lugg household. My Mom’s birthday is the 12th, mine is the 13th, and my sweet baby girl’s is TODAY, the 17th. This year marked some BIG milestones – 50 years, 25 years, and 1 year! So we celebrated the 76 years of life with a giant flaming cake and a yummy steak dinner.

vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-1I am so glad my mom was able to be here to celebrate our birthday week. Growing up I always liked sharing my birthday with my mom. I am just so glad my daughter gets to share in the fun too.vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-7 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-8 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-12 Look at all that smoke! And our matching shirts! LOVE!vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-10 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-9We did make Roo-Roo her own little cake, and she LOVED it!!! She was so cute eating it one finger-dip at a time. She would do this cute little giggle in-between each bite. What can I say, she’s like her mama! Loves her food and her sweets.vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-2 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-3 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-4 She then decide that one finger at a time would not do. She went right into a face plant. She continued to eat the cake like that until brother joined in on the fun. vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-5 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-6I am so thankful the Lord gave me such a great mom and sweet daughter. I am one blessed girl with a giant plate of yummy cake and the best people in the world to share it with!vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-14

This recipe was adapted from Perry’s Plate.

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