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Sep 24

exciting news on the baby front

I can’t hold it in any longer. So without further ado….


it's a girl and this…

its a girlare a GIRL!!!!!!

We are so excited to be expecting another little girl! The Lord has been so very kind to us and we look forward to the exciting days to come. We can’t wait to meet her. But first, we have to come up with a name. ;)

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Sep 28

birthday week

Last week was birthday in the LuggBerg household. With three birthdays in less than a week, it’s a party to say the least. We started the celebration with homemade cake donuts. I was just going to buy them, but my mom’s favorite are just plan vanilla cake donuts with chocolate frosting. All I could find were chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. That would not do, so we went the homemade way. They were a hit.birthday week1 Then we finished the night off with dinner at Red Robin. We were all there: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Grant, Becca, John, and the five of us. It took an hour to be seated (booo) but was super yummy (since we were STARVING!!!) and really fun! And our waiter made up for the wait by bringing us lots of hot fries early. (Did I say we were STARVING?!?)birthday week 4Next up was my birthday! In what week do you get donuts two days in a row? Yay for birthday week! My dad outdid himself on the donut love. He went to three different donut places and got maple bars so we would taste test them and find the best in town. They were all very different and VERY hard to pick just one. It was a toss up between Haggens and Henrys Donuts (If Henrys had more maple flavor in the frosting it would have won hands down.) Man, I want a maple bar now!!!
birthday week 3My hubby outdid himself this year! He bought me a dress for our night on the town! From White House|Black Market! AND got me the Tiffany Co. bracelet I have been wanting since high school! I felt so cute and loved that night! (THANKS BABE!)
birthday week 7 We headed down to Seattle to have dinner at Wild Ginger (everyone should eat there at least once in their life, YUM!). We went there on our honeymoon, so it was super fun to reminisce about all the fun and crazy over the last four years. birthday weekbirthday week 6 After a few days of recovering from my mom and I’s birthday we celebrated Roo’s 2nd birthday. All she wanted was a Dinosaur cake, so we made it as girlie as possible. Gold and pink, that’s how we roll around here. We had a nice little family dinner of pasta, bread, and veggies and then headed off to small group. It was a fun night celebrating our Roo. birthday week 10 birthday week 8 The little Doll stroller we got her has been a big hit with all the kids, even our little Doll. (*Disclaimer: EllaBeth just sat in it for a picture! We don’t let them push our 3 month old around in it! :)

birthday week 2We had one last birthday party with the Lugg’s on Friday night. It was a great finish to the week of partying. Ruthie was so excited about one last birthday celebration! :) So thankful for another year with the people I love.

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Aug 30

life lately

Well, it’s been over 4 months since my last blog post. There has been so much going on around here. We have since put our house up on the market. Ian graduated with his masters degree. We sold the house, had a baby, and moved with a 2 week old across the country. We’ve now settled into life here in Washington State. Ian got a new job. We celebrated Job’s 3rd birthday. My brother got married (at our house!), and we have just started pre-schooling the two oldest. It’s been a super fun, exciting 4 months full of so many changes. We still aren’t completely caught up from all the changes, but we are counting our blessings from the last 4 months.

life latley8I love this picture! It’s one of the only ones I have of me BIG prego with EllaBeth. I was just 1 week out. So fun.

IMG_5784Here she is!!! After 9 months of waiting she made her big debut, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz! She was more than a whole POUND smaller than Roo. I so wanted a “small” baby, and I got one! We were more than thankful! She’s such a sweet little laid-back blessing! Loving every minute with her!

life lately 9Enjoying our first morning with EllBell. Lots of snuggles all around.

life lately 10Just two weeks later, we were off to Washington. It only took us 6 days with 3 littles, 3 adults, a dog, a van, a moving truck pulling a car, and many, many bathroom breaks.

life latley 3IMG_3752We hit the ground running. It was the 4th of July week and we had 4 parties in just 6 days. What a fun way to celebrate. Lots of yummy food and friends new and old. It was a fun filled week.

life lately 1And did I mention lots of parties and s’mores?!

life latley 2Even EllaBeth and I enjoyed our fair share of marshmallows! MMM!

IMG_3898We were even able to attend a high school friend’s pre-wedding reception. Shout out to Natalie! Congrats. So fun seeing so many old friends. And since she wants to be an Astronaut, they had it at the Arlington fly-in. It was a BIG hit with the kids!

life lately 6Job celebrated his 3rd birthday by going to his first movie, “Planes, Fire and Rescue”. Uncle Josiah and GiGi (my mom) got to go too. It was the perfect beginning to a fun “Planes” celebration.

life lately 11life lately 12

life latley 4life latley 7life lately 5

We have been loving being around so much family these days! A love of cuddles all around. 

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Mar 25

fun in the sun

How is it already spring?! It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we had a snow storm, and then an ice storm, and then freezing rain. Crazy NC weather. It still hasn’t landed on consistent spring weather here but we sure have had a few nice weekends in a row. I’ll take freezing rain and thunderstorms all week and then a nice weekend, any day.

Keeping the kids occupied has been interesting with all this inclement weather – maybe something we did will inspire you to have some fun with your kiddos as spring sneaks up on us!

fun in the snow 3 A few weeks ago, when we got crazy snow here, I decided to let the kids go out side and play in the snow while they waited for daddy to come home… Before I could even get out the door, Job had already done a full belly flop in the snow. I guess my ideas of just looking at the snow and maybe making a few “ice balls” (Job’s word for snowballs) was long gone. We ended up doing a full wardrobe change once we came in but some good times were had by in the snow LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!!! I could kiss them all day!fun in the snow2And here we are just a few weeks later….
fun in the sun…helping daddy wash the cars.
fun in the sun 2 IMG_5222Roo was supervising all the car washing!fun in the sun 7And don’t forget the kids cars. As you can see he is “detailing” it. He likes to have things nice and clean.

fun in the sun 4The following weekend was in the 70′s. I decided to let the kids play with water, bubbles, shaving cream, and Roos favorite- ice in the sun 5I just filled some random disposable tins I had lying around and fill them up with some fun. I added a little food coloring to both the bubble water and the shaving cream. They loved it, to say the in the sun 6
They had an absolute blast out there. I think they would stay outside all day, everyday if I let them. Yay for nice crisp, warm days. We will enjoy the spring weather before the humidity of death comes.

Happy Spring!!!

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Jan 18

merry christmas & a happy new year

IMG_3167WOW! I can’t believe 2013 has come and gone. And with another new year, I find myself feeling a bit more like the old self I used to know. As you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent from the blog world these days. I have been very busy growing a new little blessing. And boy, oh boy has this little one been making itself known.
IMG_3277As you can see over Christmas break we had some very lovely pictures taken. (Thanks Leila!) It was fun to get a few shots in while we were all together.
IMG_3226For those of you who don’t know… let me introduce my siblings to you. Left to Right: Garrett, Grant, John, and then there’s me. As you can tell, one (or two of these are not the same) My parents adopted John from China January 2010 when he was 14 years old. The other who doesn’t look the same is Garrett – the redheaded, left handed, chines speaking very white boy. But he’s been a Weinberg since conception, at least that’s what we’ve been told :)
IMG_3311And some other very exciting news: I am getting another sister-in-law! She’s the first to join the Weinberg’s and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s been so fun getting to know her again! You see, I remember her as a Jr. Higher, but now she’s all grown up and marrying my brother, Grant! The wedding will be in August and we can’t wait for the party!IMG_3044 IMG_3179A little side note in this very random blog post: I think my parents like being grandparents. What do you think?
IMG_3068 IMG_3204

family christmas '13 - 1

We also had a great time meeting baby Aiden and baby Evelyn (left to right) for the first time! It was fun seeing Ian’s family and getting to hang with the cousins and sister-in-laws. (Thanks for the picture Joan!)IMG_3088

We had a great trip back to WA and had lots of fun times with both the Luggs and the Weinbergs. We had a great time celebrating our Lords birth with many presents and much yummy feasting. I was a bridesmaid in a good friends wedding. I got a rare date with the husband. And we even squeezed in some lunch and dinners with some good friends! It’s always such a PARTY in WA.

IMG_3348We will let the lovely, new couple walk us out of this blog post. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year.



Oct 17

the temper tantrum

Yesterday our little Roo-Roo decided to only take an hour nap from her usual 2-3 hour nap. When she woke up, she was less than pleasant. I had made cupcakes earlier in the day and decided to let her have one. Who isn’t happy eating a cup cake, right? Well, my not-so-evil plan worked. She loved it to say the least.cupcakes That is until she finished it.temper-4 temper temper-2 temper-3 temper-5It was the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. Total depravity was very evident here. Much laughter was needed on my part to get through the craziness happily. We all survived. temper-7Job has even learned how to tell sissy to “SHHHHH!!!” It’s very cute.temper-8 He has even learned how to laugh at her in her crazy crying! We all have. And not in a “that is so cute and funny” kind of way. More in the “that is so ugly and silly (foolish)” kind of way. Because if we can’t learn to laugh at things that would otherwise drive us to anger, well, we will likely be angry. And at the rate of fussiness that we can generate in one afternoon, I would be angry way too often.

Hopefully these pictures give you a good laugh too. We love our little Ruthie and hope to teach her one day to laugh when anger or freaking out seem like the only two options. So, bring it on, tomorrow. We may not always have perfect joy, but we can always laugh. And laughter is war.

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Oct 15

pumpkin patch fun

This weekend we hit up our local pumpkin patch. We had a great time checking out all the pumpkins and getting muddy. It was a perfect fall day and it really felt like the perfect time to be pumpkin hunting.pumpkin patch pumpkin-patch-2 pumpkin-patch-3 Job loved walking around checking everything out. He was having fun trying to pick up the GIANT pumpkins and conquering all that mud, or at least stomping in it.pumpkin-patch-4 pumpkin-patch-5 pumpkin-patch-6 pumpkin-patch-7 pumpkin-patch-8 pumpkin-patch-9 The kids seemed so small standing in the ginormous field of pumpkins. It seemed like the orange speckled field went for miles.pumpkin-patch-10 pumpkin-patchThe crisp fall weather mixed with the array of green and orange brings the full weight of autumn goodness to bear on you. So thankful for the fun that each season brings. I hope y’all are having a great fall and have been able to go to the pumpkin patch, or at least have some fun in the mud.

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Sep 25

ruthie turns one

I can’t believe my baby is one year old! How did that happen? It’s strange because I remember the week she was born like it was yesterday. Because it was my birthday week, some friends watched Job so Ian and I could go out for one last date/birthday celebration before Roo-Roo was born. We went to Outback Steakhouse, and I think it was seriously one of our best dates to this day. The manager gave us half off because it was my birthday and I looked like I was going to pop at any moment. I still had over two weeks until my due date! Little did I know she would be coming that weekend. ruthie-turns-oneThe midwives had told me to expect to go late, because I was eight days late with Job. So we booked my moms ticket to come out for the birth on her due date, expecting her to go late. I had an appointment Friday and the midwife said if we were wanting anyone to be in town for the birth, they better get here fast, because this baby was coming soon.

That weekend was our annual ladies retreat so instead of going to the retreat, a few of us ladies went out to Olive Garden. We had a great time talking and catching up. That night my dad was working hard to change my mom’s ticket so she could come out for the birth. The Lord worked all of those details out and my mom arrived the next afternoon. We settled in for what was our last night of great sleep.
ruthie-turns-one-4I woke up early the next morning, around 2:30am, feeling uncomfortable. I tossed and turned in bed until nearly 3:30. I decided to try and take a shower to see if that would help. I got back into bed and tried sleeping for a little while longer. Ian got up for work and I was trying to play off the contractions. By the time he was out of the shower, I told him he should call work and tell them he wasn’t coming in

I made a call to the midwife and she ended up telling me to come in soon since it was my second baby. Around 7am we headed into the hospital. By the time I got settled in my room, I was starving, and my contractions had subsided. I was very nervous they were going to send me home for lack of progress and pain.ruthie-turns-one-3I was uncomfortable at times, but I was far from the crazy contraction that had brought Job. Despite not being in lots of pain, progress was still being made. I was about 6cm, so they decided to break my water to speed up the process.Within about 15 minutes of my water breaking, I was in transition and my pain was at an all time high.

After about three hours of crazy pain, I started to have the urge to push (unlike with Job). She checked me and I was only 6-7cm. I was discouraged to say the least. 3 hours of intense pain, and not even a cm to show for it. My delivery nurse told me I would have the baby at any minute so to tell her when I had another urge to push.ruthie-turns-one-7Before she could even leave the room, my next contraction brought an even stronger urge to push. She said she would check me again.I thought that there was no way anything could have happened in one contraction. She JUST checked me. Lo and behold, I was ready to deliver my baby girl. She quickly called the midwife and within 10-15 pushes, I was holding my baby girl. (I will spare you many of the details from those 10-15 contractions). She weighed 9lbs 9oz. I was so thankful she was my second baby!

ruthie-turns-one-5She has been such a laid-back, “go with the flow” (and the punches – literally) baby since she was born. She’s also a GREAT sleeper! PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT! And she’s such a little delight. She is so smily, happy, cuddly, and sweet. She loves to be with her peeps and eat her food. She absolutely loves her big brother and could laugh at him all day long. She is great at entertaining herself, but prefers to be with people.ruthie-turns-one-6Here we are, over a year later, taking Girlie in for her one year check up. She is doing great! The doctor said she is growing and developing just as expected.

Weight: 20.5lbs (59%)

Length: 29in (43%)

Head circumference: 46.2cm (83%)
She stood on her own for the first time last week. I have a feeling she will be walking before we know it. She has eight teeth (just like Jobie at this age). And she loves her food, but is starting to get a bit picky. She also did some coloring for the first time this week and did a great job. She totally gets how the crayons work. It’s so fun to see her put things together and watch her lear

ruthie-turns-one-9She is such a little, sweet blessing. I am so thankful the Lord gave me such an underserving gift. I can’t imagine life without our little chunky monkey. She brings us so much joy. I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to use her for His kingdom.ruthie-turns-one-8May she be a polished cornerstone (Psalm 144:12), a lover of what is true, lovely, and right. May she stand firm and be salt and light in the dark world. Love our Ruthie girl.

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Sep 17

vacation recap

This past week we got back from our vacation in Key West and Mexico. We had a great time of fun and relaxation. We hit the road for our 10 hour dive to Orlando, FL early Saturday morning. We had to get to the Orlando Airport by 6 pm to pick my parents up. So we hit the road and only stopped twice.
vacationIsn’t that a sweet little view?
vacation-1I couldn’t help but sing that Florida Georgia Line song as we drove by.
vacation-2One of our stops was going to be In-N-Out Burger. I never really liked In-N-Out Burger until I had it when I was pregnant with Job. I have been craving it ever since. I was so delighted to find out there was one only 20 minutes out of the way! Let’s just say we were disappointed, to say the least, when this is what we found at the location of the purported “In-N-Out Burger” on the map. (Now we know they only have locations on the West Coast.)

So we set out to find something else for lunch. We ended up eating at Tijuana Flats. It’s one of my new favorite spots. If you have one in your area, you should try their Chicken Flautas. MMM!vacation-3 We hit some CRAZY rain on our drive. We almost had to pull over. We were going like 35 MPH in a 75 MPH! We were all driving with our hazard lights on.vacation-4 After the storm cleared we had some of the most beautiful clouds. The sky was BEAUTIFUL. This pictures does not do it justice. vacation-5 Once we picked up my parents we settled in. The next morning we hit the pool. Ruthie and Grandpa had a very special bond. She LOVED snuggling with him!vacation-6 Job loved the great little kiddie pool. He quickly got used to the water and by the end of the trip he was putting his face in the water and blowing lots of bubbles! So brave. vacation-7 While my parents hung out with the kids in Florida, Ian and I headed out for our cruise to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. We had a great time. We had lots of rain right before we got into Key West so the street was flooded. It was such a cute little place. I would love to spend a whole vacation there, not just a quick stop. vacation-8 While we were in Key West, we had a little bracelet made for Ruthie. It turned out so CUTE! I am so glad Ian convinced me to get it. I got to pick out the colors to go with her name beads. SO fun. And Roo-Roo loves it.vacation-9 vacation-10The first two days of the cruise were cloudy and a little rainy. So we spent most of our time under cover, napping, or watching TV in our room. It was a nice, relaxing few days.
vacation-11 vacation-12After Key West, we stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. It was still overcast, but the water was beautiful. We ended up renting a Wave Runner. It was a great way to experience Mexican waters.
vacation-13 The view from the little beach we were on was perfect. vacation-14 Our last day on the cruise ended up being perfectly sunny weather. We spent the whole day out in the sun, getting fried. It was marvelous. The cruise we were on had three water slides too. So when we would get hot, we would go down the water slides. What a fun way to cool off! vacation-15 By the time the cruise was done, I was ready to get back to my kiddos. It was a great time with just the hubby and I, but we were both ready to squeeze our littles. vacation-16 The kids were so glad to see us. Which I was thankful for. I was a little nervous Ruthie wouldn’t remember me, but that wasn’t a problem at all.vacation-17 We got a picture of Ruthie standing on her own for the first time! So fun! My baby is getting so BIG!vacation-18 vacation-19 Once we were back in Florida, we found out a friend from High School was visiting Florida as well. We were able to meet up with her for a few hours and catch up. SO fun! I am so glad we got to catch up with Kate. Check out her blog over here.

vacation-20The timeshare had a great little kid park that Job conquered. He was a climbing BEAST! He loved the slide too.
vacation-21 After a long morning in the pool, Ruthie snugged up next to Grandpa, her little buddy. She just laid next to him for 20 minutes.

vacation-23On our last day in Florida, we played a quick round of Put-Put. Job loved hitting all the balls. He basically just went around hitting all the balls or handing our back to us. I think we may have a little golfer on our hands! Ian and I wouldn’t mind that! :)

So glad we could get away for a few days alone as well as hang with my parents and the kiddos in Florida. So much fun! We loved it but are definitely ready to get “back in the swing of things.” Fall is just around the corner! (I LOVE this time of year.)



Jul 18

meet hank

IMG_9790I can’t believe I am writing this post. But as you can see from the pictures, we are now proud dog owners. Last night we drove to our friends house to pick up Hank, this super sweet, laid back, fun, Champagne Lab.
IMG_9802He is a great fit for our family. We are laid back people with a hint of crazy and some fun thrown in there and that’s how I would describe Hank too.
Lugg 3The kids are still getting used to him, but they love to pet him and Job loves to give an occasional kiss.

Lugg 1Job was a little unsure of him at first, but has quickly warmed up to him and is learning how to fend off all the dog kisses.
Lugg 2Our friends, the previous owners and breeders, named him Hank. We really couldn’t have picked a better name for him as Ian grew up reading “Hank the Cowdog”. And he really does look like a Hank. We are so glad we got such a sweet dog.

Ian joked that since God hasn’t blessed us with baby #3 yet, I guess it was time to add a dog. :) It really does feel kind of like having a new born, but with out all the crazy hormones, and for that I am VERY thankful!

I still can’t believe we are dog owners. I really am NOT a dog person, or an animal person for that matter. This just shows off God’s sense of humor. I guess He wants to work on my sanctification here. And boy is He!