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Sep 28

birthday week

Last week was birthday in the LuggBerg household. With three birthdays in less than a week, it’s a party to say the least. We started the celebration with homemade cake donuts. I was just going to buy them, but my mom’s favorite are just plan vanilla cake donuts with chocolate frosting. All I could find were chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. That would not do, so we went the homemade way. They were a hit.birthday week1 Then we finished the night off with dinner at Red Robin. We were all there: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Grant, Becca, John, and the five of us. It took an hour to be seated (booo) but was super yummy (since we were STARVING!!!) and really fun! And our waiter made up for the wait by bringing us lots of hot fries early. (Did I say we were STARVING?!?)birthday week 4Next up was my birthday! In what week do you get donuts two days in a row? Yay for birthday week! My dad outdid himself on the donut love. He went to three different donut places and got maple bars so we would taste test them and find the best in town. They were all very different and VERY hard to pick just one. It was a toss up between Haggens and Henrys Donuts (If Henrys had more maple flavor in the frosting it would have won hands down.) Man, I want a maple bar now!!!
birthday week 3My hubby outdid himself this year! He bought me a dress for our night on the town! From White House|Black Market! AND got me the Tiffany Co. bracelet I have been wanting since high school! I felt so cute and loved that night! (THANKS BABE!)
birthday week 7 We headed down to Seattle to have dinner at Wild Ginger (everyone should eat there at least once in their life, YUM!). We went there on our honeymoon, so it was super fun to reminisce about all the fun and crazy over the last four years. birthday weekbirthday week 6 After a few days of recovering from my mom and I’s birthday we celebrated Roo’s 2nd birthday. All she wanted was a Dinosaur cake, so we made it as girlie as possible. Gold and pink, that’s how we roll around here. We had a nice little family dinner of pasta, bread, and veggies and then headed off to small group. It was a fun night celebrating our Roo. birthday week 10 birthday week 8 The little Doll stroller we got her has been a big hit with all the kids, even our little Doll. (*Disclaimer: EllaBeth just sat in it for a picture! We don’t let them push our 3 month old around in it! :)

birthday week 2We had one last birthday party with the Lugg’s on Friday night. It was a great finish to the week of partying. Ruthie was so excited about one last birthday celebration! :) So thankful for another year with the people I love.

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Aug 30

life lately

Well, it’s been over 4 months since my last blog post. There has been so much going on around here. We have since put our house up on the market. Ian graduated with his masters degree. We sold the house, had a baby, and moved with a 2 week old across the country. We’ve now settled into life here in Washington State. Ian got a new job. We celebrated Job’s 3rd birthday. My brother got married (at our house!), and we have just started pre-schooling the two oldest. It’s been a super fun, exciting 4 months full of so many changes. We still aren’t completely caught up from all the changes, but we are counting our blessings from the last 4 months.

life latley8I love this picture! It’s one of the only ones I have of me BIG prego with EllaBeth. I was just 1 week out. So fun.

IMG_5784Here she is!!! After 9 months of waiting she made her big debut, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz! She was more than a whole POUND smaller than Roo. I so wanted a “small” baby, and I got one! We were more than thankful! She’s such a sweet little laid-back blessing! Loving every minute with her!

life lately 9Enjoying our first morning with EllBell. Lots of snuggles all around.

life lately 10Just two weeks later, we were off to Washington. It only took us 6 days with 3 littles, 3 adults, a dog, a van, a moving truck pulling a car, and many, many bathroom breaks.

life latley 3IMG_3752We hit the ground running. It was the 4th of July week and we had 4 parties in just 6 days. What a fun way to celebrate. Lots of yummy food and friends new and old. It was a fun filled week.

life lately 1And did I mention lots of parties and s’mores?!

life latley 2Even EllaBeth and I enjoyed our fair share of marshmallows! MMM!

IMG_3898We were even able to attend a high school friend’s pre-wedding reception. Shout out to Natalie! Congrats. So fun seeing so many old friends. And since she wants to be an Astronaut, they had it at the Arlington fly-in. It was a BIG hit with the kids!

life lately 6Job celebrated his 3rd birthday by going to his first movie, “Planes, Fire and Rescue”. Uncle Josiah and GiGi (my mom) got to go too. It was the perfect beginning to a fun “Planes” celebration.

life lately 11life lately 12

life latley 4life latley 7life lately 5

We have been loving being around so much family these days! A love of cuddles all around. 

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Apr 12

easter baskets

Easter Baskets this year were super fun to put together. Last year the kids were 6 months and 18 months old. They didn’t really know what was going on, so I just did one family basket for us to share.easter baskets easter baskets 2 easter baskets 3This year they are 18 months and 2.5 years old. WAY more fun when it comes to giving Easter Baskets (among other things). So I set out to find some fun things for them. I went with a few things in mind. I knew I wanted some things for their church bags – as we are still training them to sit quietly – and we try to have new, fun things to help them do just that. I also knew I wanted sun glasses for each of them and a few yummy treats. Here’s what I came up with:Easter baskets 5

For Ruthie:easter baskets 6


her first little purse

princess crayons (that are sparkly)

sticker book

Hello Kitty magic marker coloring book

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they are going in the Easter eggs)


For Job:

easter baskets 8 easter baskets 7


wood trucks

Planes magic marker set + Hotwheels coloring pages

glow sticks (for bath time)

gum (it’s such a treat for Job to get gum and we usually save it for Worship Service. It’s a life saver when it comes to a 2.5 year old sitting quietly.)

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they’re going in the Easter eggs)


A few other ideas, maybe for next year:

bath crayons


finger paints

playdough (I prefer homemade)

new sippy cups (maybe even monogramed)

Calico Critters

new bookshis and hers easter baskets 2

I already can’t wait for Easter next year with three little ones! I just love celebrating with my family and what better way to celebrate the Lord’s death and RESURRECTION than with fun gifts for each other. Afterall, we are celebrating the greatest gift – His life for ours – just as real and tangible as colored plastic eggs. But He not only has given us His only Son but showers loads of unnecessary happy things upon us. My hope is to reflect Him in this small way.

Next year I really hope to make this resurrection garden for our center piece for our Easter dinner table. What a fun way to get the kids involved with the planting and watering. I think it will really help the celebration of the empty tomb stick in their little brains.

happy easter all!

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Mar 18

a few of my favorite recipes

I have a few recipes of my own in the works, but they aren’t ready to share with y’all. So I thought I would share some new recipes we have tried lately, and really liked. Hope you get a chance to try a few of these yummy dishes soon.IMG_3928We have been loving these Whole Wheat Waffles. They are great topped with pure maple syrup, or strawberries and whipped cream. This recipe makes a huge batch. They do toast up in the toaster quite nicely for a quick, yummy breakfast. But if I just want fresh ones, I half the recipe.

This Irish Soda Bread was divine. I made two loafs – one with just the basics and another with orange and cranberry add ins with a little sugar. I think the plain served with Honey Butter was the favorite. This would be a great addition to any soup or chili recipe. And be sure to make this Irish Stew sometime. I did it with stew beef and beef broth. It was my first attempt at stew and it was glorious with very tender meat. It was super yummy and hearty.

We really liked these Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Tacos. They had great flavor and were a big hit. The kids ate tons of the filling on its own the next day.

Another yummy new addition is this Berry and Quinoa Oatmeal! Both kids were asking for more and I was left hoping there was still some more in the pan. We will be adding this to our breakfast rotation for sure. Yummy and healthy. I loved the frozen berries on top to help the oats cool and then sprinkled the brown sugar on top instead of stirring it in because I love how brown sugar almost caramelizes on top of hot oats. It get’s all syrupy and delicious. Be sure to check this recipe out. It will be sure to please. (I doubled it for the kids and I… If you double the recipe the 6TBS of both the oats and the quinoa equal 1/3 cup each… hope that makes doubling easier)

And one last one, this Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup is a great one to add to your crockpot list. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot Saturday night and put it in the refrigerator over night. Then Sunday morning I pulled it out before church. It cooked while we were worshipping and then we came home to a yummy smelling house and were able to fellowship with some friends over a yummy, easy meal. Just served it with some chips. Super quick and easy. We ate the whole pot. Ruthie ate 3 bowls. I would say that’s a win.

Hope this is helpful and you are able to give a few of them a try. More favorites to come. For now, enjoy your Saint Pattie’s day! We are off to celebrate by eat homemade pizza with our friends the Ronks who are passing through Raleigh on their way to their old stomping grounds in Eastern NC. Can’t wait to see them and feast a little.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Nov 14

guess what?!?!?!


That’s right! Lugg baby #3 will be making his or her big debut in June. We are so thankful and so very excited. He/she is already making a big impact on our family. We pray it’s only the beginning!

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Oct 14

meal planning

I feel as though I have tried every sort of meal plan out there. I have always hated meal planning until I came up with what I am about to share with you. I love LOOSE structure. I am laid-back but somehow a go-getter at the same time. This meal plan seems to work well with my personality and for my family. I hope it will help some of y’all and maybe save you a little time and money too. And I know this may not be for everyone, but what plan is.

So here’s what I do. Every Friday I write down 7 meals on my chalkboard. I try and take into account if we are planning on having company over that week and find something that can easily be made for a larger number of people. I also try to consider what I already have in my refrigerator and pantry.chalk boardI then make my grocery list of the items I don’t have on hand already. As I run out of baking things and staple items, I add them to my list throughout the week. I keep a running list on my iPhone (I use the app “reminders”). I love that I can check things off my list as I put them in my cart and the item disappears from my list. It makes it feel like I am really accomplishing something (because I am :).trader joesThen each day, I pick something off my list of meals and then cross it off the board. If there are any meals on the board that don’t get used for whatever reason, I just move it to the following week, and that’s one less meal I have to shop for.meal planningI get tired of writing down a meal for each specific day of the week, but I found myself rewriting my calendar every other night because plans change, or kids were fussing and I didn’t have time to make the lasagna from scratch with homemade bread sticks and mozzarella cheese I made from the cow I milked.  Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you get the idea.meal-planningI know life happens and I have to be flexible and I feel like this meal plan really works well for our family. It’s structured with wiggle room. It’s rules with lots of grace. It’s my kind of meal plan.

As shared on Frugally Sustainable.


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Oct 10

operation workout

Okay, I am just going to say it. Since I have stopped nursing Ruthie, I have put 8 of the 53lbs I lost since giving birth to her. And while that is only 8lbs, it has continued. I am a little discouraged because since I have been working out consistently (for the last 10 days) I have gained 2 of those pounds. But I know life happens, and it’s about a life style, so I am here to say, I am getting back on the workout train. Operation workout is in full swing. operation-workoutTo help, I have made this very nifty sticker chart that looks like it’s for my two year old, but it’s not. It’s for ME! :) Every day I work out, I get to put a sticker on the chart. I will share my progress with you at the end of the month.

To help the weight loss train, I am also cutting back on my dessert intake. I have been trying to eat only around three desserts a week. For many people that’s not really a big deal, but for me, it’s a ginormous deal. I don’t just have a sweet tooth, I AM a sweet tooth. It’s my weakness. I am hoping this will help me eat better and feel better.

I am tired of complaining to my dear husband about how fat I feel. It’s time for me to do something. I feel like sharing it here, with you guys, makes it real. Here’s to loosing those 8lbs again. :)

PS- the picture makes it look like I haven’t worked out since Sunday, but that’s just when I took the picture :) I guess I should have posted this earlier.



Sep 26

fingerprint painting

I finally did it. I finally broke down and bought our first set of finger paint and construction paper. It was the best $7 I have spent in a long time. Jobie loves it! I have been trying to find some more organized things for him to do. He does a great job at playing by himself and he is getting quite creative with his toys. I have just been wanting to add in a little more table/structured time into our day and this paint has done just that.fingerprint-painting For our first painting experience, we made a tree with fingerprint leaves. Job really enjoyed getting his fingers in the paint – which I was a little surprised by, since this boy doesn’t like to be dirty. But he does love playing in the dirt. Figure that one out.

Anyway back to the painting. I simply painted some branches on a piece of construction paper and let it dry for a minute or two.fingerprint-painting-1 Job dipped his little fingers in the colors of the fall leaves and scattered the foliage across the page like a kid who… loves to paint.fingerprint-painting-3 I did help him fill in the gaps a bit. He really liked switching paint colors – which meant wiping his fingers approximately every five seconds. fingerprint-painting-4 He was so proud of his finished tree. He kept saying “Daddy! Daddy!” all day and pointing to the fridge, meaning he wanted to show Daddy his masterpiece when he returned home from work.fingerprint-painting-5This paint set has already been used many times. It’s also been a good way for us to practice our colors. I am sure one day every color won’t be “boo” (blue, Job’s only known color). I guess we need to do some more painting so we can practice a bit.

This project was a great kick start to the fall season of cooler days and more fun, inside activities. All I need to do is go and light my favorite pumpkin brûlée candle and it will really be feeling like fall up in here. Happy painting y’all!

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Aug 20

called to the life of the ridiculous

We got Hank a new crate a few weeks ago, and after Ian put it together, the kids enjoyed making a fort out of it. We may need to get another one for the kids to play in. :)IMG_0471On a completely separate note, I want to tell you all about the completely ridiculous happenings of the last few days. It’s been one of those weeks were you are thinking “Really Lord, could this get any more crazy?” and then it does. :) As my English teacher always said, “We are called to the life of the ridiculous”.

So let’s start back on Saturday. Ian has been building Hank a dog house and he was out working on it most of the day. He’s also been putting in more hours at work, so I asked him how he was feeling after a long week of work and then a long day of working hard outside. He said he was feeling kind of weird and tired, but we just chalked it up to working hard and long.IMG_0490The next day he said he still felt weird and that he was having these weird symptoms but he thought they were from his new vitamins. I then informed him I thought he had a UTI. I hopped online and of course read that it’s highly unusual for a man to have a UTI and it was probably something much worse. Ian told me to stop reading and go to bed, we could deal with it the following day.

So the next day the symptoms continued so I went and got an at home UTI tester kit. It was positive. So that night we went to urgent care to get him an antibiotic. Any slight fear I had from reading all that stuff online were gone after talking to our doctor. We left the urgent care to go and get the antibiotic and go home. IMG_0509Trying to get the antibiotic was quite the ordeal. They couldn’t find our insurance in the system, the insurance company was closed because it’s a west coast company. So we would have to pay cash to get the medicine. So we paid cash and went home.

The doctor had told Ian to take two pills the first night to kickstart the process. Ian took the first one and about 30 minutes later felt like his allergies were kicking in so he took his allergy medicine. About 10 minutes after that he felt like his face was swelling and felt chilled. He was super congested and his throat was beginning to feel tight.

At this point it’s 10pm and everything is closed, except the ER. He could still breath fine, so to avoid a hospital trip we decided to take LOTS of Benadryl and just keep an eye on things. I set my alarm. We went to bed after he was feeling better and three hours later, I woke up to check on him and give him more meds. I felt like I had a new born again. IMG_0515I had a hard time falling back asleep and Ian is pumped full of drugs, so at this point our household is pretty tired. It was a crazy night! We started with a UTI and almost ended up in the hospital. I am so thankful he is okay and feeling better. We have another prescription waiting at the pharmacy. Hope this next one works okay with no side effects.

This whole thing has once again shown me that the Lord is in control and that in a moment he can take away the things we hold so dear – health, money, and our loved ones. I am just so thankful we are on the road to recovery. He is faithful to show me my sin in these type of situations and so kind to teach me gently.