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Sep 24

exciting news on the baby front

I can’t hold it in any longer. So without further ado….


it's a girl and this…

its a girlare a GIRL!!!!!!

We are so excited to be expecting another little girl! The Lord has been so very kind to us and we look forward to the exciting days to come. We can’t wait to meet her. But first, we have to come up with a name. ;)

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Jan 29

Lord’s day preparedness

I wrote this post over a year ago and am just now getting around to posting it. HAHAHA. That is the story of my life. But it seems fitting as we have been going through the importance of worship in church. It’s been so encouraging to be reminded why we are there. And it’s so important for our littles to learn too.Lord's day preparedness

As my husband and I have set out to set the Lord’s Day apart from the rest of the week, we work hard to be prepared for it and enjoy it. Our whole week is around Sunday and we like it that way. I always forget how much my mind and week revolves around Sunday until we have to miss church fellowship for one reason or another (like being sick for the LAST 3 WEEKS!!!).

For as much of Sunday worship takes place in our hearts, there is a whole lot of preparation that goes into just getting us in the doors and ready to worship together as a corporate body. Because of how important Sunday fellowship is, I wanted to share some practical things that have helped me not only get my kids to the physical location but also have helped us teach our kids how to worship the Lord in the service with us, even if that is just sitting still for 5 minutes.

Most of our physical preparation for getting everyone ready starts Saturday. I lay everyone’s outfits out for the next day, while the kids are taking their Saturday night bath. This bath time routine is longer than baths on the other nights of the week. We paint toes in the summer, clip nails, and clean ears. They know even the bath before Sunday is different from the rest of the week. The goal is that at a very young age our kids will know Sunday worship is special and different than the rest of the week.

We also put the kids to bed earlier than usual so they are well rested for the next day. We also prepare the kids for the actual service, by always have fun snacks for them. Gum is also a good weapon to put in the arsenal. We had to do some practice runs at home to teach them not to swallow it, but now it’s a great tool!

I also try to have some new stickers and fun coloring things in our little church backpack to help them keep their little hands busy. I rotate a few cars and plastic animals in there. I try to keep these toys separate from the rest so they are special toys and will hold their attention longer. I’m always on the look out for fun, new, quiet things to add to his backpack. Most of the time for holidays, they get things with Worship service in mind – stocking, Easter basket, birthday, etc.

Now, how do we get them to sit there, quietly, for the whole 1.5 hour service? Practice, practice, practice. We start them right out of the womb. :) They stay in the service as long as possible. Job was a chatty little baby so we had to use the nursery more for him. We would try to keep him until offering. And then we worked our way to the sermon. Then 5 minutes of the sermon. Then 15, 20, 30 minutes of the sermon, until he reached the whole service duration.

I tell you all this to encourage you! It’s a process. It takes time and practice. It doesn’t just happen over night, but it sure pays off. We love having our kids “singing” next to us. Saying “amen” when the prayer is over. And listening to God’s Word being preached. We love them watching us partake in communion, kneeling at confession, and giving of the offering. We love that they are participating with us, even in small ways. We want church to be a place they love. Keep working at it parents. It’s so worth the work.

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Sep 28

birthday week

Last week was birthday in the LuggBerg household. With three birthdays in less than a week, it’s a party to say the least. We started the celebration with homemade cake donuts. I was just going to buy them, but my mom’s favorite are just plan vanilla cake donuts with chocolate frosting. All I could find were chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. That would not do, so we went the homemade way. They were a hit.birthday week1 Then we finished the night off with dinner at Red Robin. We were all there: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Grant, Becca, John, and the five of us. It took an hour to be seated (booo) but was super yummy (since we were STARVING!!!) and really fun! And our waiter made up for the wait by bringing us lots of hot fries early. (Did I say we were STARVING?!?)birthday week 4Next up was my birthday! In what week do you get donuts two days in a row? Yay for birthday week! My dad outdid himself on the donut love. He went to three different donut places and got maple bars so we would taste test them and find the best in town. They were all very different and VERY hard to pick just one. It was a toss up between Haggens and Henrys Donuts (If Henrys had more maple flavor in the frosting it would have won hands down.) Man, I want a maple bar now!!!
birthday week 3My hubby outdid himself this year! He bought me a dress for our night on the town! From White House|Black Market! AND got me the Tiffany Co. bracelet I have been wanting since high school! I felt so cute and loved that night! (THANKS BABE!)
birthday week 7 We headed down to Seattle to have dinner at Wild Ginger (everyone should eat there at least once in their life, YUM!). We went there on our honeymoon, so it was super fun to reminisce about all the fun and crazy over the last four years. birthday weekbirthday week 6 After a few days of recovering from my mom and I’s birthday we celebrated Roo’s 2nd birthday. All she wanted was a Dinosaur cake, so we made it as girlie as possible. Gold and pink, that’s how we roll around here. We had a nice little family dinner of pasta, bread, and veggies and then headed off to small group. It was a fun night celebrating our Roo. birthday week 10 birthday week 8 The little Doll stroller we got her has been a big hit with all the kids, even our little Doll. (*Disclaimer: EllaBeth just sat in it for a picture! We don’t let them push our 3 month old around in it! :)

birthday week 2We had one last birthday party with the Lugg’s on Friday night. It was a great finish to the week of partying. Ruthie was so excited about one last birthday celebration! :) So thankful for another year with the people I love.

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Apr 3

potty training

What a month (or two). We have been all things potty training recently. With baby number 3 on her way we decided it best to try and NOT have 3 kids in diapers. That just gets expensive and hectic, fast. So we set out to potty train Job, our 2 1/2 year old. I have tried sitting him on the little potty a few other times and he didn’t seem to get it. He was only 18 months the first time, so we just put it on hold for a little longer. I tried one other time and it was still a “no go.”

So here we are at 2 1/2 years old. Potty training. Overall it’s gone very well. He got the peeing part down quick. And after the first week or so, the poo followed (he DID still go in his diaper however :). We had a bit of a relapse in there due to traveling and being in a pull-up longer than usual. But after a few days back in undies, we were back on track.

His newest feat – waking up at night to go pee instead of just going in his pull-up. YAY! We are on the right track. We still aren’t completely dry every morning, but definitely making progress.

I wanted to share a few things that have helped me on this journey.potty-trainingWhat we ended up needing – a little potty, undies (we skipped the training undies, mostly because of cost), a new DVD is very helpful, sanitary wipes for wiping out the potty, regular wipes for wiping cute little hinneys, and of course treats for going (we did M&M’s for pee and peanut butter cups for poop).

The first day we did nothing but potty trained. We watched movies all day and did lots of fluid drinking. I just let him run around in just his undies and every 30 minutes or so we would try going potty for a minute or two. After the first accident, he decided he didn’t like being wet so he would start yelling “PeePee! PeePee, Mama!” and off to the potty we went. That first day he only had two accidents. YAY! He even pooped in the potty that first day.potty-training-1Like I said earlier, it did take him about a week to get the pooping in the potty thing down. But since that first week he’s had very few pee or poo accidents. I have noticed if he’s playing with friends he will tend to forget about going potty, and I don’t blame him. I just try to remind him lots during play times.

For the first month, I would put him in a pull up for going out of the house, nap time, and bed time. We have since dropped the going out of the house pull-up and he’s doing great. I think I could also drop the nap time pull-up as well. He’s been dry for like 3 weeks now, but our washing machine is broken currently, so I am really trying to not have to wash the sheets if we do end up having an accident.

All in all, this potty training thing is going great! He loves his big boy Cars and Nemo undies. He’s just so stinking cute in big boy undies! Yay for only one kid in diapers (at least for the next 2.5 months) :)


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Mar 25

fun in the sun

How is it already spring?! It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we had a snow storm, and then an ice storm, and then freezing rain. Crazy NC weather. It still hasn’t landed on consistent spring weather here but we sure have had a few nice weekends in a row. I’ll take freezing rain and thunderstorms all week and then a nice weekend, any day.

Keeping the kids occupied has been interesting with all this inclement weather – maybe something we did will inspire you to have some fun with your kiddos as spring sneaks up on us!

fun in the snow 3 A few weeks ago, when we got crazy snow here, I decided to let the kids go out side and play in the snow while they waited for daddy to come home… Before I could even get out the door, Job had already done a full belly flop in the snow. I guess my ideas of just looking at the snow and maybe making a few “ice balls” (Job’s word for snowballs) was long gone. We ended up doing a full wardrobe change once we came in but some good times were had by in the snow LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!!! I could kiss them all day!fun in the snow2And here we are just a few weeks later….
fun in the sun…helping daddy wash the cars.
fun in the sun 2 IMG_5222Roo was supervising all the car washing!fun in the sun 7And don’t forget the kids cars. As you can see he is “detailing” it. He likes to have things nice and clean.

fun in the sun 4The following weekend was in the 70′s. I decided to let the kids play with water, bubbles, shaving cream, and Roos favorite- ice in the sun 5I just filled some random disposable tins I had lying around and fill them up with some fun. I added a little food coloring to both the bubble water and the shaving cream. They loved it, to say the in the sun 6
They had an absolute blast out there. I think they would stay outside all day, everyday if I let them. Yay for nice crisp, warm days. We will enjoy the spring weather before the humidity of death comes.

Happy Spring!!!

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Feb 13

Boy? or Girl?

I have had this post written for about two weeks now. First my blog was down for over a week. I was locked out of it. After getting that fixed I was then having doubts about the name we had picked out. So, while most of this post was about our name and why we picked it… We are back to the drawing board there and so, there is no name announcement, yet. I am eager to start calling our little peanut (more like butternut squash, at this stage of the game) by the name we pick out, and I can tell you Ian is so over talking about names. So hopefully very soon we will land on a good one. But enough about the name, let’s talk about the gender! :)

I woke up Thursday (January 30th) morning giddy with anticipation. I originally was thinking it was a boy because I have been SO SICK (like I was with Job) but then the heart rate was 150 (on the higher side), like Ruthie. The thing is, neither of those are sure things. I really didn’t know what to pick. I have been wrong every pregnancy, so I went in to the appointment ready for anything.

We had a different ultrasound technician than I had with the other two. This lady was so nice and told us right away what we were having. The ultrasound appointment with the other two kids felt so long as I laid there eagerly awaiting the BIG gender reveal. Since we knew the gender the whole appointment flew by. I could have laid there all day looking at our little one. I still can’t believe how developed they are at just 19 weeks. That little spine in there is so amazing! I can’t believe people can see an ultrasound and not think that’s a baby in there. But I guess the devil is good at deceiving.

So, without any further ado: it's a girl!We can’t wait to meet our little girlie! Only about 18 more weeks! This is one excited mama!



Nov 14

guess what?!?!?!


That’s right! Lugg baby #3 will be making his or her big debut in June. We are so thankful and so very excited. He/she is already making a big impact on our family. We pray it’s only the beginning!

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Oct 23

battle in the trenches

battle in the trenchesI am not even really sure where to begin this post. I was just telling Ian that I wanted to share a bit of my struggle with all the crazy hormones that came with having a baby and maybe encourage someone who is in the same battle. There are few resources out there that come at this from a Biblical perspective and while I have not “arrived” by any means, I am right in the midst of this battle and know what it’s like in those dark valleys.

If you would have asked me three years ago what I thought about depression and postpartum blues, my answer would be very different from the one I would give you today. I don’t want to get to into a debate, but rather encourage you. It’s strange how the Lord is giving us new and unexpected trials to over come. With my first child, Job, my struggles came hard and fast right after he was born. I had never felt such deep sorrow in such a “happy” time of life. I remember going to bed when he was just 5 days old and hoping I didn’t wake up. It was a hard 6 weeks for me. But by the time 6 weeks rolled around, I was feeling much more like myself and enjoying my little blessing so much.

With number two, Ruthie, I was prepared for the worst right after she her birth. I even had my mom come for extra time to help me through the first 6 weeks. Much to my surprise, I was great those first 6 weeks. I loved every moment of it. My struggle came in much later this time around. Every time I dropped a feeding in her nursing schedule I would feel much like I did after having Job. I wasn’t sure what was wrong and why I was feeling so sad and overwhelmed. Life was good and I had much to be thankful for, and I knew that. Yet, I couldn’t seem to kick my feelings to the curb. The next few months were rough. But knowing that things would get tough with each feeding I dropped made it all a little more bearable. We knew it was coming and we could prepare (at least a little) for what was to come.

I am still in the midst of the slight fog, but things are looking bright. These emotions God has given us are good. They are apart of what make us human. They are apart of this struggle in life. So, keep asking for faith to keep giving yourself to your family, even when you feel like you have nothing left to give, because just like the woman with the oil (2 Kings 4:1-7), the Lord will keep giving you more to give. So keep pouring and lavishing it on.

I want to encourage you to keep fighting. Confess sin where there is sin. Ask Christ for the faith and strength to make it through another moment, hour, or day, even if you don’t feel like you can make it another second. Ask your husband for grace, prayer, help, and hugs. And look to Him who is able to keep you from falling. This is a fight worth fighting and winning!

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Oct 17

the temper tantrum

Yesterday our little Roo-Roo decided to only take an hour nap from her usual 2-3 hour nap. When she woke up, she was less than pleasant. I had made cupcakes earlier in the day and decided to let her have one. Who isn’t happy eating a cup cake, right? Well, my not-so-evil plan worked. She loved it to say the least.cupcakes That is until she finished it.temper-4 temper temper-2 temper-3 temper-5It was the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. Total depravity was very evident here. Much laughter was needed on my part to get through the craziness happily. We all survived. temper-7Job has even learned how to tell sissy to “SHHHHH!!!” It’s very cute.temper-8 He has even learned how to laugh at her in her crazy crying! We all have. And not in a “that is so cute and funny” kind of way. More in the “that is so ugly and silly (foolish)” kind of way. Because if we can’t learn to laugh at things that would otherwise drive us to anger, well, we will likely be angry. And at the rate of fussiness that we can generate in one afternoon, I would be angry way too often.

Hopefully these pictures give you a good laugh too. We love our little Ruthie and hope to teach her one day to laugh when anger or freaking out seem like the only two options. So, bring it on, tomorrow. We may not always have perfect joy, but we can always laugh. And laughter is war.

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