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Sep 25

ruthie turns one

I can’t believe my baby is one year old! How did that happen? It’s strange because I remember the week she was born like it was yesterday. Because it was my birthday week, some friends watched Job so Ian and I could go out for one last date/birthday celebration before Roo-Roo was born. We went to Outback Steakhouse, and I think it was seriously one of our best dates to this day. The manager gave us half off because it was my birthday and I looked like I was going to pop at any moment. I still had over two weeks until my due date! Little did I know she would be coming that weekend. ruthie-turns-oneThe midwives had told me to expect to go late, because I was eight days late with Job. So we booked my moms ticket to come out for the birth on her due date, expecting her to go late. I had an appointment Friday and the midwife said if we were wanting anyone to be in town for the birth, they better get here fast, because this baby was coming soon.

That weekend was our annual ladies retreat so instead of going to the retreat, a few of us ladies went out to Olive Garden. We had a great time talking and catching up. That night my dad was working hard to change my mom’s ticket so she could come out for the birth. The Lord worked all of those details out and my mom arrived the next afternoon. We settled in for what was our last night of great sleep.
ruthie-turns-one-4I woke up early the next morning, around 2:30am, feeling uncomfortable. I tossed and turned in bed until nearly 3:30. I decided to try and take a shower to see if that would help. I got back into bed and tried sleeping for a little while longer. Ian got up for work and I was trying to play off the contractions. By the time he was out of the shower, I told him he should call work and tell them he wasn’t coming in

I made a call to the midwife and she ended up telling me to come in soon since it was my second baby. Around 7am we headed into the hospital. By the time I got settled in my room, I was starving, and my contractions had subsided. I was very nervous they were going to send me home for lack of progress and pain.ruthie-turns-one-3I was uncomfortable at times, but I was far from the crazy contraction that had brought Job. Despite not being in lots of pain, progress was still being made. I was about 6cm, so they decided to break my water to speed up the process.Within about 15 minutes of my water breaking, I was in transition and my pain was at an all time high.

After about three hours of crazy pain, I started to have the urge to push (unlike with Job). She checked me and I was only 6-7cm. I was discouraged to say the least. 3 hours of intense pain, and not even a cm to show for it. My delivery nurse told me I would have the baby at any minute so to tell her when I had another urge to push.ruthie-turns-one-7Before she could even leave the room, my next contraction brought an even stronger urge to push. She said she would check me again.I thought that there was no way anything could have happened in one contraction. She JUST checked me. Lo and behold, I was ready to deliver my baby girl. She quickly called the midwife and within 10-15 pushes, I was holding my baby girl. (I will spare you many of the details from those 10-15 contractions). She weighed 9lbs 9oz. I was so thankful she was my second baby!

ruthie-turns-one-5She has been such a laid-back, “go with the flow” (and the punches – literally) baby since she was born. She’s also a GREAT sleeper! PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT! And she’s such a little delight. She is so smily, happy, cuddly, and sweet. She loves to be with her peeps and eat her food. She absolutely loves her big brother and could laugh at him all day long. She is great at entertaining herself, but prefers to be with people.ruthie-turns-one-6Here we are, over a year later, taking Girlie in for her one year check up. She is doing great! The doctor said she is growing and developing just as expected.

Weight: 20.5lbs (59%)

Length: 29in (43%)

Head circumference: 46.2cm (83%)
She stood on her own for the first time last week. I have a feeling she will be walking before we know it. She has eight teeth (just like Jobie at this age). And she loves her food, but is starting to get a bit picky. She also did some coloring for the first time this week and did a great job. She totally gets how the crayons work. It’s so fun to see her put things together and watch her lear

ruthie-turns-one-9She is such a little, sweet blessing. I am so thankful the Lord gave me such an underserving gift. I can’t imagine life without our little chunky monkey. She brings us so much joy. I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to use her for His kingdom.ruthie-turns-one-8May she be a polished cornerstone (Psalm 144:12), a lover of what is true, lovely, and right. May she stand firm and be salt and light in the dark world. Love our Ruthie girl.

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Aug 9

thankful thursday #4

This week has been a week of fighting for joy. It’s been a long hard fight. But it’s funny, because the week seems to be chalked full of things to be thankful for. Since my little man just turned two, I thought I would spend this post focused on him.sleeping babyWhere to begin with my little Jobie? He is such a delight. He isn’t talking much, but certainly making progress. He loves cars, trucks, balls, anything that has to do with Dada, and loves to make his sissy laugh. He hates the dog jumping on him, going down the dark hall way, and eating.fallHe had his 2 year check up this week as well. I was a little nervous for it because he is on the small side (since he stopped nursing at 8 months) and hates eating. Those two things don’t make for a good program for growth. But the Lord is faithful. He weighed in at 25.9lbs (34%) and 34.5 in (39%). The Lord has been faithful to take the little amount that my boy eats and grow him strong. He may be on the small side, but healthy nonetheless. I know this may seem like a small thing, but I want to give Him praise for keeping my little man healthy. I know that’s a gift and it’s one to be very thankful for.screamingOn a much lighter note, I have been eating up all the Jobie cuddles recently! He has fallen asleep on me in the last month, more than I ever remember. He has been climbing up on my lap more to get in a few hugs and then off to play again. He gives the best “squeezy” hugs and big, wet, juicy kisses. He is so affectionate, like his daddy. He has a good man to emulate. I fear Ruthie takes after me… She wants to be with her people all the time, but no need for snuggles. :)IMG_0555So on this Thursday, I find myself fighting to be thankful, all the while, knowing I am blessed far more then I deserve. We do serve a kind God, who lavishes an abundance of sweet gifts on His people. What a great picture of the gospel.


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Jun 27

ruthie’s nine month checkup

My baby turned 9 months on the 17th. How did that happen? And with the turning of the calendar came another routine checkup. Here are just a few things I want to remember about this sweet stage.

weight: 18.14lb (50%)

length: 27.25in (35%ish)

IMG_8546 IMG_8548Our little lady just cut her four top teeth this last week! So along with the bottom two teeth, she is up to a whopping six teeth total. She is scooting all around, and rocking on all fours, but no “official” crawling yet. On Sunday (June 23) she pulled herself up for the first time! She rocks (dances) every time music comes on.IMG_8550She also learned how to wave in the last two weeks. It’s so cute to see her waving at Grandma and Grandpa on Skype or at daddy when he walks in the door after work. She give occasional “kisses” that completely cover you in drool, but we don’t mind. She still loves her mama, and does not like strangers, or the church nursery.IMG_8555Jobie can make her laugh harder then anyone else. She ADORES him! They play so well together. Job loves to give her kisses and to get her toys or a paci. He has to watch out because she can get his hair and get it good! She also is starting to notice when he takes a toy from her and isn’t exactly fond of the idea. We are working on that with both parties involved. IMG_8572Ruthie loves her food! She’s eating what we are eating, and has been for probably at least two months now (I am not a big fan of purees, only because they are so much more work). She loves to feed herself and wants to be eating every time we are eating. She makes this cute little grunting noise until she gets a bite. IMG_8573I still can’t believe I was half way through my pregnancy with Ruthie when Job was this age. She still seems like such a little girl. I am so thankful for my sweet girlie and the ability to just enjoy her in every new stage. She is such a delight with a smile that can light up a room. I am one blessed mama.

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