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Apr 12

easter baskets

Easter Baskets this year were super fun to put together. Last year the kids were 6 months and 18 months old. They didn’t really know what was going on, so I just did one family basket for us to share.easter baskets easter baskets 2 easter baskets 3This year they are 18 months and 2.5 years old. WAY more fun when it comes to giving Easter Baskets (among other things). So I set out to find some fun things for them. I went with a few things in mind. I knew I wanted some things for their church bags – as we are still training them to sit quietly – and we try to have new, fun things to help them do just that. I also knew I wanted sun glasses for each of them and a few yummy treats. Here’s what I came up with:Easter baskets 5

For Ruthie:easter baskets 6


her first little purse

princess crayons (that are sparkly)

sticker book

Hello Kitty magic marker coloring book

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they are going in the Easter eggs)


For Job:

easter baskets 8 easter baskets 7


wood trucks

Planes magic marker set + Hotwheels coloring pages

glow sticks (for bath time)

gum (it’s such a treat for Job to get gum and we usually save it for Worship Service. It’s a life saver when it comes to a 2.5 year old sitting quietly.)

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they’re going in the Easter eggs)


A few other ideas, maybe for next year:

bath crayons


finger paints

playdough (I prefer homemade)

new sippy cups (maybe even monogramed)

Calico Critters

new bookshis and hers easter baskets 2

I already can’t wait for Easter next year with three little ones! I just love celebrating with my family and what better way to celebrate the Lord’s death and RESURRECTION than with fun gifts for each other. Afterall, we are celebrating the greatest gift – His life for ours – just as real and tangible as colored plastic eggs. But He not only has given us His only Son but showers loads of unnecessary happy things upon us. My hope is to reflect Him in this small way.

Next year I really hope to make this resurrection garden for our center piece for our Easter dinner table. What a fun way to get the kids involved with the planting and watering. I think it will really help the celebration of the empty tomb stick in their little brains.

happy easter all!

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Aug 24

the wicker basket redo

I have had this basket of toys in the car for quite sometime now. It makes for easy access while still being contained. I can easily bring the basket into the house and switch out the toys in it. It really has been a great little system for us.

While I love the convenience of just throwing the toys in there for a quick clean up, I am not a big fan of wicker. So to solve my dilemma, I decided to spray paint it. A lot of boring or ugly things can be restored to beauty with a simple coat of paint. So without further ado, the wicker basket redo.PicMonkey CollageWhat you will need:

-not so cute wicker basket

-spray paint

-cardboard box (I used a cereal box)

Simply place your basket on the cardboard box outside and spray away. Follow the directions on your spray can for the distance to hold the can from the basket. Make sure to spray from all angles. Let it dry. Flip it over and spray all sides and surfaces from the bottom too. After that dries, do a light second coat. I like to leave about an hour between coats.IMG_1537A few pointers and tips:

-The basket will be sticky for a day or so.

- For better results, use a spray paint that says “for wicker” on it. I have had great results with Krylon.

- Bring your basket inside to dry so you don’t have a million bugs on your finished product.

Now it’s a cute, convenient basket full of fun new toys. I know its super simple, but it’s easy to forget how simple things can bring joy to our lives and homes. So maybe its a wicker basket or maybe it’s a shelf or side table that needs a touch of happiness. Color can do a lot to brighten your home and bring a spark of inspiration to the room.

With my finished basket in hand, we are all ready for our road trip next weekend. More on that later. For now, I will just sit back and enjoy my cute basket of fun!

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Jun 7

washi tape + computer = happiness

The other day I set out to find myself some washi tape. I have been gawking at it for quite some time now and finally decided one day that I needed it! And I needed it RIGHT then. So I packed up the kids and began my hunt. I ended up finding some at Target and Michaels. And thanks to my Michaels 50% off coupon, I didn’t spend an arm and a leg for the stuff. Once I got home and the kids were down for their naps, I knew that I wanted to try it out. Lowe and behold, my happy, brightly colored keyboard. My hubby makes fun of me for it, but I don’t mind. It makes me happy. And that’s what matters right?

IMG_6028 IMG_6033

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