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Oct 9

cloth diaper care

I have tried lots of different ways to clean, fold, store, and care for my cloth diapers. I thought I would share my process with you and a few things that have helped me in this cloth diaper journey. I have been off the cloth diaper train for a little while but I am finally hopping back on, and loving it.

cloth-diaper-care-4Just a little back story. I started using cloth diapers when my son was 6 weeks old. I used them all through his first year of life and loved it. It fit well into our weekly routine and I really enjoyed cloth diapering. Then when my son was just 13 months old, my daughter was born. I had every intent of using cloth on both of them and was anxious to try out all my new girly colors. I love pink. What can I say. With two in cloth diapers my excitement for the new colors was fading and I felt like I was doing laundry ALL the time. There were many weeks I would literally be buried in a pile of clean laundry on the couch just waiting to be folded.cloth-diaper-care-2Something had to change. The easiest solution for the time being we putting cloth diapers aside. I didn’t use a single cloth diaper for about 8 months. It was a nice break. But with two in diapers our disposable diaper bill was thru the roof. Now, something else had to change. I came up with a great solution. I would cloth diaper one and use disposable on the other. It’s been a great compromise and has worked very well with our family. I am really hoping to potty train my 2 year old soon. Hopefully we will only have one in diapers in the near future.cloth-diaper-care-7So in hopes to help someone out in their cloth diaper journey I will share how I take care of our diapers.

wet pail

put one scoop of oxiclean OR rockin green detergent + a few drops of lemon & tee tree oil

fill your pail half way with water (add more if needed as you add diapers)

pull diapers apart as you add them to the pail (taking out the inserts)

dry pail 

Place a planet wise diaper pail liner in your diaper pail or trash can. As you use your diapers, pull the diapers apart, separating the inserts from the covers.

You can choose to do either a wet pain or a dry pail. I have tried both and I think right now I like the dry pail better. We have hard water so it seems like not soaking them in hard water keeps them more absorbent. Try both and see what works better for you.

I keep a dry pail in the kids bedroom by the changing table for just wet diapers. When the diapers are poopy, I take them into the bathroom where I have another dry pail with a diaper sprayer (I actually have an off brand one and it works great!) hooked up to the toilet. I first separate the inserts from the covers and then spray the liners off and throw all of it into the dry pail.


dump entire wet or dry pail contents and wet pail liner (if applicable) into the washing machine

do 1-2 rinse cycles (cold water)

add 1-3 scoops of rockin green into the wash (hot water)

dry in dryer. I do a quick dry with the inserts and covers and then I take the covers out and finish off the inserts. I know this is a controversial thing (drying the covers) but again, this is what works for me. I have had no problems drying my covers and it’s just so much easier for me.


place a large insert on top of the newborn liner  and stuff into diaper

place a diaper liner on top of the diaper + fold

 cloth wipes

fold wipes in half and place a few into the wipe container and add water to dampen. repeat with remaining wipescloth-diaper-care-1

happy cloth diapering!

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