Jun 27

ruthie’s nine month checkup


My baby turned 9 months on the 17th. How did that happen? And with the turning of the calendar came another routine checkup. Here are just a few things I want to remember about this sweet stage.

weight: 18.14lb (50%)

length: 27.25in (35%ish)

IMG_8546 IMG_8548 Our little lady just cut her four top teeth this last week! So along with the bottom two teeth, she is up to a whopping six teeth total. She is scooting all around, and rocking on all fours, but no “official” crawling yet. On Sunday (June 23) she pulled herself up for the first time! She rocks (dances) every time music comes on. IMG_8550 She also learned how to wave in the last two weeks. It’s so cute to see her waving at Grandma and Grandpa on Skype or at daddy when he walks in the door after work. She give occasional “kisses” that completely cover you in drool, but we don’t mind. She still loves her mama, and does not like strangers, or the church nursery. IMG_8555 Jobie can make her laugh harder then anyone else. She ADORES him! They play so well together. Job loves to give her kisses and to get her toys or a paci. He has to watch out because she can get his hair and get it good! She also is starting to notice when he takes a toy from her and isn’t exactly fond of the idea. We are working on that with both parties involved.  IMG_8572 Ruthie loves her food! She’s eating what we are eating, and has been for probably at least two months now (I am not a big fan of purees, only because they are so much more work). She loves to feed herself and wants to be eating every time we are eating. She makes this cute little grunting noise until she gets a bite.  IMG_8573 I still can’t believe I was half way through my pregnancy with Ruthie when Job was this age. She still seems like such a little girl. I am so thankful for my sweet girlie and the ability to just enjoy her in every new stage. She is such a delight with a smile that can light up a room. I am one blessed mama.

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