Sep 28

birthday week

Last week was birthday in the LuggBerg household. With three birthdays in less than a week, it’s a party to say the least. We started the celebration with homemade cake donuts. I was just going to buy them, but my mom’s favorite are just plan vanilla cake donuts with chocolate frosting. All I could find were chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. That would not do, so we went the homemade way. They were a hit. birthday week1 Then we finished the night off with dinner at Red Robin. We were all there: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Grant, Becca, John, and the five of us. It took an hour to be seated (booo) but was super yummy (since we were STARVING!!!) and really fun! And our waiter made up for the wait by bringing us lots of hot fries early. (Did I say we were STARVING?!?) birthday week 4 Next up was my birthday! In what week do you get donuts two days in a row? Yay for birthday week! My dad outdid himself on the donut love. He went to three different donut places and got maple bars so we would taste test them and find the best in town. They were all very different and VERY hard to pick just one. It was a toss up between Haggens and Henrys Donuts (If Henrys had more maple flavor in the frosting it would have won hands down.) Man, I want a maple bar now!!!
birthday week 3 My hubby outdid himself this year! He bought me a dress for our night on the town! From White House|Black Market! AND got me the Tiffany Co. bracelet I have been wanting since high school! I felt so cute and loved that night! (THANKS BABE!)
birthday week 7 We headed down to Seattle to have dinner at Wild Ginger (everyone should eat there at least once in their life, YUM!). We went there on our honeymoon, so it was super fun to reminisce about all the fun and crazy over the last four years.  birthday week birthday week 6 After a few days of recovering from my mom and I’s birthday we celebrated Roo’s 2nd birthday. All she wanted was a Dinosaur cake, so we made it as girlie as possible. Gold and pink, that’s how we roll around here. We had a nice little family dinner of pasta, bread, and veggies and then headed off to small group. It was a fun night celebrating our Roo.  birthday week 10 birthday week 8 The little Doll stroller we got her has been a big hit with all the kids, even our little Doll. (*Disclaimer: EllaBeth just sat in it for a picture! We don’t let them push our 3 month old around in it! :)

birthday week 2 We had one last birthday party with the Lugg’s on Friday night. It was a great finish to the week of partying. Ruthie was so excited about one last birthday celebration! :) So thankful for another year with the people I love.

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Aug 30

life lately

Well, it’s been over 4 months since my last blog post. There has been so much going on around here. We have since put our house up on the market. Ian graduated with his masters degree. We sold the house, had a baby, and moved with a 2 week old across the country. We’ve now settled into life here in Washington State. Ian got a new job. We celebrated Job’s 3rd birthday. My brother got married (at our house!), and we have just started pre-schooling the two oldest. It’s been a super fun, exciting 4 months full of so many changes. We still aren’t completely caught up from all the changes, but we are counting our blessings from the last 4 months.

life latley8 I love this picture! It’s one of the only ones I have of me BIG prego with EllaBeth. I was just 1 week out. So fun.

IMG_5784 Here she is!!! After 9 months of waiting she made her big debut, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz! She was more than a whole POUND smaller than Roo. I so wanted a “small” baby, and I got one! We were more than thankful! She’s such a sweet little laid-back blessing! Loving every minute with her!

life lately 9 Enjoying our first morning with EllBell. Lots of snuggles all around.

life lately 10 Just two weeks later, we were off to Washington. It only took us 6 days with 3 littles, 3 adults, a dog, a van, a moving truck pulling a car, and many, many bathroom breaks.

life latley 3 IMG_3752 We hit the ground running. It was the 4th of July week and we had 4 parties in just 6 days. What a fun way to celebrate. Lots of yummy food and friends new and old. It was a fun filled week.

life lately 1 And did I mention lots of parties and s’mores?!

life latley 2 Even EllaBeth and I enjoyed our fair share of marshmallows! MMM!

IMG_3898 We were even able to attend a high school friend’s pre-wedding reception. Shout out to Natalie! Congrats. So fun seeing so many old friends. And since she wants to be an Astronaut, they had it at the Arlington fly-in. It was a BIG hit with the kids!

life lately 6 Job celebrated his 3rd birthday by going to his first movie, “Planes, Fire and Rescue”. Uncle Josiah and GiGi (my mom) got to go too. It was the perfect beginning to a fun “Planes” celebration.

life lately 11 life lately 12

life latley 4 life latley 7 life lately 5

We have been loving being around so much family these days! A love of cuddles all around. 

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Apr 12

easter baskets

Easter Baskets this year were super fun to put together. Last year the kids were 6 months and 18 months old. They didn’t really know what was going on, so I just did one family basket for us to share. easter baskets easter baskets 2 easter baskets 3 This year they are 18 months and 2.5 years old. WAY more fun when it comes to giving Easter Baskets (among other things). So I set out to find some fun things for them. I went with a few things in mind. I knew I wanted some things for their church bags – as we are still training them to sit quietly – and we try to have new, fun things to help them do just that. I also knew I wanted sun glasses for each of them and a few yummy treats. Here’s what I came up with: Easter baskets 5

For Ruthie: easter baskets 6


her first little purse

princess crayons (that are sparkly)

sticker book

Hello Kitty magic marker coloring book

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they are going in the Easter eggs)


For Job:

easter baskets 8 easter baskets 7


wood trucks

Planes magic marker set + Hotwheels coloring pages

glow sticks (for bath time)

gum (it’s such a treat for Job to get gum and we usually save it for Worship Service. It’s a life saver when it comes to a 2.5 year old sitting quietly.)

Annies Bunny fruit snacks

Annies Bunny crackers (they’re going in the Easter eggs)


A few other ideas, maybe for next year:

bath crayons


finger paints

playdough (I prefer homemade)

new sippy cups (maybe even monogramed)

Calico Critters

new books his and hers easter baskets 2

I already can’t wait for Easter next year with three little ones! I just love celebrating with my family and what better way to celebrate the Lord’s death and RESURRECTION than with fun gifts for each other. Afterall, we are celebrating the greatest gift – His life for ours – just as real and tangible as colored plastic eggs. But He not only has given us His only Son but showers loads of unnecessary happy things upon us. My hope is to reflect Him in this small way.

Next year I really hope to make this resurrection garden for our center piece for our Easter dinner table. What a fun way to get the kids involved with the planting and watering. I think it will really help the celebration of the empty tomb stick in their little brains.

happy easter all!

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Apr 9

balance or metrics?


Why are there always pleas for BALANCE when talking about any issue that has “two sides”, especially in moral issues? Personally, I can’t stand the word “balance.” I don’t see it in Scripture and I don’t see how it helps clarify anything. I’m not saying that wisdom is not warranted – because I think it is. However, wisdom shouldn’t mean mushy, spineless, or “safely conservative.” If we see things by the right standard, we can confidently walk by faith – despite how others may disagree.

There are those with their head in the sand who only take it out long enough to get air but still hate what they see in the light. Then there are those standing so tall on the highest mountain peak claiming to see danger so powerful and imminent coming ahead, there is only doom and fear to be declared (and loudly).

I don’t think it’s a matter of balance so much as it’s a matter of metrics. How do you measure the world – by what standard?

With true metrics, a true measurement can be taken. We don’t have to close our eyes or freak out because we know the truth, and the truth sets us free.

For example, what we eat is more and more a topic of conversation these days. What are you eating? Do you know where it came from? Why are you eating what you are? These are questions that are we are often asking each other – whether directly or indirectly. However, I think there’s a subtle error that we often make when asking these questions. We talk about “eating right” as though there was a “do eat” and “do not eat” list sent down from heaven that we are trying to follow. No, the point is to eat in faith. If you cannot do it by faith, don’t do it. Eating a “balanced diet” or eating “right” is not the answer – though there may be some truth in that advice. Our measure must be Christ.

But we must not stop with only taking measurements – we must also take ACTION. Without action we are only hypocritical fatheads with all the data but no plan of action. If we don’t do it, it’s not in us. If IT is not in us, something else is. Our fruit will betray our true identity.

Let’s be those who bear fruit in keeping with repentance. Those who don’t over-react to the blind, bold statements of those in the dark. Those who can ably handle the arrows coming right at us – not merely defensive but also on the offensive. Let’s stand with our heads up – not in the sand or in the clouds. Let’s leave the balancing act for those who are ok with “truth gymnastics.” Let’s MEASURE by the right standard, PLAN with wisdom, and ACT with clarity and decisiveness, taking God at His word that He blesses faith-filled obedience.

More needs to be said on this for sure, but hopefully it’s a step in the right direction…

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