Oct 14

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I feel as though I have tried every sort of meal plan out there. I have always hated meal planning until I came up with what I am about to share with you. I love LOOSE structure. I am laid-back but somehow a go-getter at the same time. This meal plan seems to work well with my personality and for my family. I hope it will help some of y’all and maybe save you a little time and money too. And I know this may not be for everyone, but what plan is.

So here’s what I do. Every Friday I write down 7 meals on my chalkboard. I try and take into account if we are planning on having company over that week and find something that can easily be made for a larger number of people. I also try to consider what I already have in my refrigerator and pantry. chalk board I then make my grocery list of the items I don’t have on hand already. As I run out of baking things and staple items, I add them to my list throughout the week. I keep a running list on my iPhone (I use the app “reminders”). I love that I can check things off my list as I put them in my cart and the item disappears from my list. It makes it feel like I am really accomplishing something (because I am :). trader joes Then each day, I pick something off my list of meals and then cross it off the board. If there are any meals on the board that don’t get used for whatever reason, I just move it to the following week, and that’s one less meal I have to shop for. meal planning I get tired of writing down a meal for each specific day of the week, but I found myself rewriting my calendar every other night because plans change, or kids were fussing and I didn’t have time to make the lasagna from scratch with homemade bread sticks and mozzarella cheese I made from the cow I milked.  Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you get the idea. meal-planning I know life happens and I have to be flexible and I feel like this meal plan really works well for our family. It’s structured with wiggle room. It’s rules with lots of grace. It’s my kind of meal plan.

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  • Tamara Wilkins

    It’s great that you have figured out what works for your family. I wish I would’ve been taught how to be a homemaker when I was young, as it took me about 10 years to figure out a plan for my family. :) We have been married 13 years and I’m STILL tweaking things, but now I think of it as just making things better, instead of not getting it right. I’m pretty similar to you, except I do 10-14 meals at a time. THIS month however, I’m trying crockpot freezer meals that I prepared all in one day for our dinners. It is working out well so far. :) Love your posts and your pictures.

    • Kim

      It’s funny how just when I figure things out, something changes. Whether its finances, a pregnancy filled with morning sickness, more little kiddos to feed, company, etc. It seems like I am always changing meal stuff with our family. I do know for me it has to be a flexible structure.

      The crockpot meals sounds like a great idea! I have tried it a few times, and I think it works well for me when there is a baby coming or morning sickness but I like cooking too much do it on a regular basis. I am always looking for some yummy crockpot recipes to add to my arsenal. Let me know how it goes for you. It maybe worth trying it again. :)

  • Sonja Sarr


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