Sep 24

fun mail


After a nice brisk walk in the cool, crisp air, I opened our mailbox to find a whole bunch of fun! What a nice start to our day! We had birthday cards, stickers, and a box full of nail polish. That’s what I call fun mail!  fun-mail fun-mail-1 Look at all those bright colors! Thanks Kate for all the unexpected fun! LOVE IT!

fun-mail-3 fun-mail-2 I couldn’t decide which color to try first, so I just tried them all out! happy mail = happy nails.

  • Kate Retherford

    Yay!!! I was just thinking about the package and hoping it had arrived. Hope you love the colors!!

    • Kim

      I really do love all of them! I still have crazy colorful fingernails :) Job is loving that. He keeps bring me the blue one and saying “booo! BOO!” very excitedly. I think he likes that he is finally representing in the nail polish collection :)

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