Jul 8

fourth + family + one fun weekend


I am loving this extra long weekend with the hubby! We have loved all the extra time with him. I think Job is really eating up the fact that Daddy is here and we all eat BREAKFAST together! As you can tell by the below two pics that Ian has been helping lots with the kids. Check out Job’s double plaid! (In his defense, there was NOTHING left in the drawers that matched the plaid shorts).

IMG_8894 IMG_8908 For our Fourth of July fun this year we had some fun with glow sticks but hey, maybe next year we’ll step up to sparklers. And of course, my glow stick jar is covered in washi tape! I must washi everything I can. Cute things are so much fun and help the ETPing (Enjoying The Process). 
Ian taught Saturday morning for our church’s men’s meeting, and to celebrate his hard work, I made some yummy breakfast for us all. We had our own version of Keri’s english muffin french toast recipe. They were a big hit!

IMG_9145 Job got to enjoy one of the left over doughnuts Ian brought home from the men’s breakfast. To say the least, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

IMG_9131 IMG_9136 At breakfast I proclaimed that I am now a writer and that’s why I use good descriptive words. Ian laughed out loud at me and thus, this picture was captured!
We also did our weekly Saturday trip to Trader Joe’s after breakfast. I love how in this next picture you can see Job in full action with his little man cart. He LOVES helping me get the groceries. I often find him putting random items in his cart just because it’s fun to put things in it. He is getting to be quite the little helper boy. IMG_9187 Uncle Ross got us all flag shirts (and thanks to my mother-in-law) they arrived Friday evening, so we pretended that the 6th of July was the 4th and all wore our new shirts! We even managed to get in a few family pictures. Thanks Ross and Renee! IMG_9225 IMG_9243 IMG_9239 IMG_9244 Look how cute this dress is that my mother-in-law gave Ruthie! I love that it has her name embroidered on it – so southern. And you will notice she has a little Sunday morning egg left on her face. This girlie loves her food!  IMG_9256 IMG_9289 IMG_9315 I always enjoy sweet kisses from my precious kiddos!
IMG_9341 Hope you all were able to rest up and have a little fun too. Now, it’s time for me to hit the laundry, dishes, bathrooms, and bedding!

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  • Keri Ronk

    That dress is adorable! So sweet for your little southern girl! I am so glad you liked the English Muffin French Toast! We love it too!

  • Christie Funchess

    It is never Sunday morning unless there is some leftover breakfast on the face. = )

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