As a man, I (Ian) want to be characterized for taking action and DOING, rather than letting life happen without any effort made to cultivate or take dominion of what I have been given – as I believe we were put on earth to do. Part of this idea could perhaps be subtly but dimly evident in the American colloquialism – “Grab life by the horns.” ┬áSo this part of the blog is devoted to thoughts on taking decided action to cultivate people, work with stuff, and make a difference in the world. The topics will vary broadly but a common thread will be this – taking an active role in this story called life – whether that be walking through how to refinish furniture (as learn myself), considering the task of raising kids (not as though I am the authority), or some good suggestions on books to read (according to me at least). I hope this serves you, the reader, well. Enjoy!

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balance or metrics?

Why are there always pleas for BALANCE when talking about any issue that has "two sides", especially in moral issues? Personally, I can't stand ...

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down to the bottom

Our human nature is to reduce principles of righteousness that we believe to be true, to equations that put us on the winning side of the arithmetic. ...

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a vehicle for change

I've recently been reading a couple different books related to business, one of which is My Life and Work, the autobiography of Henry Ford. His story ...

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a house worth keeping

A topic that has had a recent resurgence of popularity in the evangelical cyber-world is that of women's swimsuits. While I realize that swimsuit ...

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death and dirt

A thought struck me the other day as I was meeting with a group of guys, talking about the topic of humility. Humility is something that we rarely ...

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