Aug 7

mustache party

mustache candle

Yesterday was Job’s second birthday! How is my baby already two? It’s strange because I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, yet it seems like he has been apart of our WHOLE lives. I love this boy so much. He is getting to be so sweet, a BIG helper, and super handsome, if you don’t mind me saying.

2 cake So to celebrate, we had ourselves a little mustache party. And boy did we PARTY – lots of gifts from grandparents, yummy cake and ice cream, and a whole lot of sprinkles.

mustache birthday mustache candle drink station I found these cute little mustache stickers at target for a dollar and I knew I had to get them. I am so glad I did. They add such a cute little touch and I loved that everyone had a different mustache on their cup.

striped paper straws

I also found these paper straws at target for two dollars. That was much cheaper then I could find online and the colors matched my washi tape bunting for the cake and chalkboard. It was a WIN WIN! IMG_0805 fruit kababs These fruit kababs were the easiest thing in the world to make and they were a HUGE hit with the kids. Between 6 adults and 5 kids we devoured a whole pineapple, a carton of strawberries, and a carton of blueberries. I think that’s quite impressive.

greek guacamole I love this greek guacamole I came up with. It has lemon juice, feta, garlic, salt, and pepper in it. I may have to post a recipe. It’s so yummy. I love greek food, so of course I loved it.
jobie and the cake
Job spent lots of the night smelling the cake and sweet baby Haddon. (Don’t you just love that name? I sure do!!!) He has an eye for sweet things and the cake and the baby are just that – sweet. the twins Okay, seriously, look how cute those girlies are!

eating the cake Jobie loved his little mustache cake, but I think Ruthie honestly ate more of it than him. She has become quite the food snacker these days. It was very cute watching her sneak the frosting from the corner of the plate.


This was the first time Job really understood opening presents. He loved opening them all up and checking out all of his new toys. They have provided HOURS of entertainment already.

It was such a fun night. Now, to recover and recoup from this party so I can begin planning and working on little Ruthie girls. Only 6 weeks until her one year birthday. We sure do love out sweet little blessings.

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  • Sonja Sarr

    Are those straws holding up your bunting on the cake? Totally cute, Kim!

    • Kim

      They Are! I just put the bunting into the end of the straw and put a little play dough (or sticky tack) in the whole to keep the string in place. Or you can just tie the bunting to the straw. I have done both.

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