Sep 26

fingerprint painting


I finally did it. I finally broke down and bought our first set of finger paint and construction paper. It was the best $7 I have spent in a long time. Jobie loves it! I have been trying to find some more organized things for him to do. He does a great job at playing by himself and he is getting quite creative with his toys. I have just been wanting to add in a little more table/structured time into our day and this paint has done just that. fingerprint-painting For our first painting experience, we made a tree with fingerprint leaves. Job really enjoyed getting his fingers in the paint – which I was a little surprised by, since this boy doesn’t like to be dirty. But he does love playing in the dirt. Figure that one out.

Anyway back to the painting. I simply painted some branches on a piece of construction paper and let it dry for a minute or two. fingerprint-painting-1  Job dipped his little fingers in the colors of the fall leaves and scattered the foliage across the page like a kid who… loves to paint. fingerprint-painting-3 I did help him fill in the gaps a bit. He really liked switching paint colors – which meant wiping his fingers approximately every five seconds.  fingerprint-painting-4 He was so proud of his finished tree. He kept saying “Daddy! Daddy!” all day and pointing to the fridge, meaning he wanted to show Daddy his masterpiece when he returned home from work. fingerprint-painting-5 This paint set has already been used many times. It’s also been a good way for us to practice our colors. I am sure one day every color won’t be “boo” (blue, Job’s only known color). I guess we need to do some more painting so we can practice a bit.

This project was a great kick start to the fall season of cooler days and more fun, inside activities. All I need to do is go and light my favorite pumpkin brûlée candle and it will really be feeling like fall up in here. Happy painting y’all!

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