Jul 2

fantastic fizzles


I have been in desperate search of things that Job can do, whether that be helping around the house or fun activities. I’ve found that the simplest things can bring the most joy. He seems to enjoy just being busy doing things so I’m trying to come up with more things for him to do. So in my desperate search I found this great activity involving baking soda and vinegar.

IMG_8411 IMG_8413 IMG_8429 All you need is a baking dish (I used an 9×9 pan), some empty travel shampoo containers, food coloring, baking soda, and white vinegar. All you do is put some baking soda in the pan and then put a few drops of food coloring into your empty shampoo container and mix in the vinegar. I started out by showing him how to shake the vinegar out, instead of squeezing it out. That made the vinegar last much longer. Let me tell you, once he figured out how to squirt it, the vinegar was gone in a moment. He was entertained for hours watching the bubbles pop. He absolutely loved it.  IMG_8437 IMG_8441 IMG_8443 IMG_8453 As you can tell from the different outfit, we did this more than once, and even more than once in the same day. It was a big hit and will most certainly be added to our activities list!

IMG_8473 IMG_8482 IMG_8485
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  • chuckweinberg

    Love the little chunky monkey. Thanks for sharing the pics with us- he’s growing up too fast.
    BTW, nice thrifty fun project.

    • Kim

      Hey thanks. We really like our chunky monkey and our thrifty fun! :)

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