Mar 4

chipotle sweet potato chili

I came up with the recipe when I saw a sweet potato chili recipe on Pinterest. I love my mom’s chili but wanted to change it up a bit. This is a play on the chili I grew up with. I love how hearty it is and it’s even better the next day. Yay for left overs. AND it’s healthy and adaptible. It’s really a win Win WIN.

sweet potato chili2

Can’t wait to dig into the Large pot I have cookin’ on the stove. Yay for clean, healthy, hearty meals that come together quickly.



Oct 7

blueberry coconut parfait

It’s been forever since I have done a recipe. This one was just too simple and yummy and HEALTHY to pass up. I had to share. I am currently over halfway through a (mostly) whole30. I feel so great and am loving lots of new recipes that I have been trying. I am writing another “a few of my favorite recipes” to share a few of those said recipes.

blueberry coconut parfe Hope you enjoy this yummy recipe! I just finished eating a bowl of it and am very glad there are leftovers in the fridge for later! :)

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