Aug 12

mexican black bean and corn salad

I love this mexican black bean and corn salad. It’s a great addition to any mexican dish. I love it as a side or an addition to any burrito bowl, quinoa mexican salad, or tacos. corn and black bean guacamole The vibrant and diverse colors communicate the flavor of the dish as well. I love the combo of the white wine vinegar, garlic, and lime – the flavors complement each other so well. corn and black bean salad The colors makes it appear as such a happy salad. It adds so much color to your plate with the yellow corn, green pepper, black beans, and you can even add purple onions for yet another color.

For a quick guacamole, simply mash up an avocado or two and add in some mexican black bean and corn salad and salt. It makes for a great, quick dip for chips or a great topping for tacos. ENJOY.




Jul 24

bbq chicken quinoa salad

I decided to take a little nap this yesterday afternoon, which in turn meant I woke up about 30 minutes before we usually eat dinner. So I needed something quick. I had some chicken that I needed to use up and an avocado. So naturally my story ends here: bbq chicken quinoa salad. bbq quinoa salad 3 I had made a take on this dish before and I remembered it being very yummy so I set out to recreate something similar. This time I added lettuce to make it a salad and added some grilled onions and mashed avocado with lime juice. bbq quinoa salad Oh, and I haven’t done any bragging about quinoa yet. Let me spend just a moment here. I love quinoa. It cooks up quicker than rice and can be substituted for rice in most recipes. Because it has lots of protein and is a super versatile ingredient, it has quickly become a staple in our house. The only downside to quinoa – its very hard to clean up off the floor because of how moist and soft it is (much like cooked rice is). However, this is a side-effect I am willing to deal with. bbq quinoa salad2 With this dinner coming together in about 30 minutes, it was a great solution to my problem. So if you are in need of another flavorful, easy dinner to add to your list of quick-fixes – here you go. Enjoy.

As inspired by Shiksa in the kitchen and shared on Metamorphosis Monday.

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Jun 29

quinoa fruit salad

My whole family loves fruit. It’s sweet, sticky, and fresh. What’s not to love, right? We are always trying different ways to eat it like in a shake or blended and frozen in popsicles. I wanted to add a little protein to our fruit fascination and came up with this lovely little fruit salad.

IMG_8597 I tried this one, with chopped mint in it, but it was a no go for us (Ian’s brother and his wife can attest). The mint became the dominant taste and just didn’t compliment the dish very well.

IMG_8586 It is slightly sweetened with honey and just a hint of tart from the lemon juice. It functions as a perfect side to a summer BBQ or a great side dish to take to a potluck or picnic. It would even make for a fresh breakfast treat.

I really like the versatility of the recipe – being that the only stipulation is some kind of fruit. I have made it with blueberries, mangos, and kiwis in it also. I just use a combination of what I have on hand at the time and it makes the salad feel different each time I make it.


Shared on Metamorphosis Monday.

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Jun 24

thai chicken slaw

Here in the south they are all about slaw, or as I call it, coleslaw. Let me just tell you right here and right now, I am not all about slaw. It’s just not really my thing. I don’t like mayo. And I don’t like mayo on cabbage. Who thought of that anyway? I am however, all about this thai slaw. No mayo. Just lots of yummy thai-inspired flavors.

I had the inspiration for this dish from Pioneer Woman’s Thai Chicken Wraps. They are divine. You really should go and try them. Last night though, I wanted a salad and so, the thai chicken slaw was born.

IMG_8295 IMG_8288