Jul 19

tazo passion tea lemonade

Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade is one of my go to drinks at Starbucks. It’s cheap, low in calories, and very refreshing. I love the sweet and citrusy combo. I have made this drink at home before with Crystal Light but I was looking for something a little more healthy.
IMG_9820 IMG_9831 I love how quickly this drink comes together and how yummy it is. It just makes any day feel like summer – and not the muggy summer I am experiencing right now – but one of those perfect California nights, where the air is dry and the breeze is crisp.
IMG_9826 And to make this drink even more fun, add a cute, striped paper straw to it. It’s sure to make any day brighter.
IMG_9835 Can you see I enjoy the simple things in life? My mother has always said I am easy to please, just get me a roll of washi tape or put a cute straw in my drink, and I am one happy camper.
IMG_9843 So pour a glass and enjoy your sweet, snotty nosed, teething baby laugh at you, or whatever you find yourself doing today.