Sep 17

vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling

This week is birthday week in the Lugg household. My Mom’s birthday is the 12th, mine is the 13th, and my sweet baby girl’s is TODAY, the 17th. This year marked some BIG milestones – 50 years, 25 years, and 1 year! So we celebrated the 76 years of life with a giant flaming cake and a yummy steak dinner.

vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-1 I am so glad my mom was able to be here to celebrate our birthday week. Growing up I always liked sharing my birthday with my mom. I am just so glad my daughter gets to share in the fun too. vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-7 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-8 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-12 Look at all that smoke! And our matching shirts! LOVE! vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-10 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-9 We did make Roo-Roo her own little cake, and she LOVED it!!! She was so cute eating it one finger-dip at a time. She would do this cute little giggle in-between each bite. What can I say, she’s like her mama! Loves her food and her sweets. vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-2 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-3 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-4 She then decide that one finger at a time would not do. She went right into a face plant. She continued to eat the cake like that until brother joined in on the fun.  vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-5 vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-6 I am so thankful the Lord gave me such a great mom and sweet daughter. I am one blessed girl with a giant plate of yummy cake and the best people in the world to share it with! vanilla-cake-with-raspberry-buttercream-filling-14

This recipe was adapted from Perry’s Plate.

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Jul 16

baked donuts with chocolate buttercream frosting

One night while Ian was gone last weekend, I really wanted buttercream chocolate frosting. I wanted breakfast for dinner, and so naturally, that lead to donuts for dinner. IMG_9681 IMG_9660 As I was making these Job kept telling me thank you (which for him looks more like blowing me kisses). While they were in the oven I got a thank you. While I was putting sprinkles on his, another, and then again after I gave him his VERY own frosted donut. They were a big hit with my kiddos. It made daddy being gone a little more bearable. IMG_9684 IMG_9667 And seriously, look at Job’s face here. He can NOT wait to consume the WHOLE thing!  IMG_9688 I found this recipe and knew I wanted to make it my own. So I went to work in the kitchen. After a few tries and tweaks, I think I got it. So here you go. Enjoy.

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Jul 1

royal raspberry cake

Every year, around the 4th of July this cake always comes to mind. It’s the perfect cake to take to a BBQ and it goes quickly. This is a good old fashioned cake with a great moist texture. I love the lightly sweetened cake with the nice tart notes from the raspberries. The glaze, well, that’s just the perfect sweet ending to it all.

IMG_8918 IMG_8921

I always add blueberries to the top of this cake for the 4th of July, but the rest of the year, I just stick with straight up raspberries. It makes for a very festive cake. I hope you are able to make this delicious cake this week. I know your family and friends will enjoy it. IMG_8940 IMG_8953 And if you are feeling very festive, you can decorate your lovely cake with some washi tape bunting! Have I told you how much I love washi tape? And washi tape bunting? It makes everyday feel like a party!

IMG_8964 IMG_8974 I grew up with my mom making this cake every summer from the raspberries in our garden. We would all go out and pick the raspberries and she would make us this lovely cake. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did growing up. It brings back some very lovely memories of the summers of my childhood. Maybe it can become apart of you sweet memories too.

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Jun 13

yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting

Today we are having people over and I was on the hunt for a good yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I was just in the mood for cake. And a gathering is ALWAYS more fun with cake, right? This was originally a cup cake recipe from Krissy’s Creations, but I adapted it for my purpose – a giant slice of cake. The cake itself offers a refreshingly moist texture with a nice, dense composition. The frosting is a light and fluffy consistency but does not lack a full, milk chocolatey flavor.

So if you are in the mood for a moist yellow cake with some fluffy, yet rich and sweet chocolate buttercream frosting, this cake will be sure not to disappoint!

IMG_7647    IMG_7742 IMG_7745
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