Oct 7

blueberry coconut parfait

It’s been forever since I have done a recipe. This one was just too simple and yummy and HEALTHY to pass up. I had to share. I am currently over halfway through a (mostly) whole30. I feel so great and am loving lots of new recipes that I have been trying. I am writing another “a few of my favorite recipes” to share a few of those said recipes.

blueberry coconut parfe Hope you enjoy this yummy recipe! I just finished eating a bowl of it and am very glad there are leftovers in the fridge for later! :)

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Sep 20

greek yogurt pancakes

I had ever intention of making Blueberry Buckle Muffins this morning to share with y’all. I had the muffin tin all ready to go. Then, Ruthie fell in the sink. Yes, quite literally. Hank got soaked outside from the rain, therefore getting water and mud all over my floor. Not only that but every other step I was crushing more blueberries on the floor. It was my own fault because I gave each kid a pint of blueberries to eat out of. You can only imagine the mess. So, that left me looking for something a little less involved. So here we are. Greek Yogurt Pancakes.

We love pancakes in this household! There are many mornings that we eat pancakes, so I am always looking for different variations of them. I came across greek yogurt pancakes and have tried my fair share of them. I think I have FINALLY come up with a good protein packed pancake with greek yogurt that actually tastes good and has a light and fluffy texture, like a pancake should. butter pancakes greek yogurt pancake greek yogurt pancakes These do fluff up quite a bit and spread out on the pan, so start a little on the small side when pouring your batter. If you don’t, you will end up with them all running together, creating one giant pancake. plain greek yogurt pancakes syrup and pancakes This recipe was adapted from Julia’s Album. As shared on Frugally Sustainable.



Aug 21

blueberry lemon pancakes

I love lemon and blueberry together. I guess I get that from my father. And the love of pancakes, well, I guess I get that from my mother. So naturally, I love blueberry lemon pancakes. They are a great way to start your morning or excellent for an easy, quick dinner. blueberry lemon pancake I also love that my kids get some fruit along with the yummy goodness of pancake. Although when it comes to blueberries, I definitely don’t have to twist anyones arm. My kids DEVOUR them! I actually have to make sure they don’t eat too many of them. They will literally eat an entire container in about 2 minutes! lemon blueberry pancake The first time I made these, I didn’t add in the lemon zest. They were lacking a little of that fresh lemon taste. The zest made it perfect!

blueberry lemon pancakes We all love these fluffy pancakes filled with a burst of blueberry and lemon flavor. Slather them in butter and top them with some slightly warmed maple syrup. Enough said.

lemon blueberry pancakes




Aug 3

peanut butter chocolate chip breakfast bread

I am one of those people who LOVE the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I don’t know too many people who don’t but maybe that’s because they are just the people I roll with. There are just some mornings I need more of a dessert for breakfast and this does the trick. I love that we can enjoy something sweet and chocolaty in the morning and know that we are putting good things in our body too. IMG_9383 This recipe whips up quickly and is devoured even faster than it’s made. Baked right, it has a cake-like, moist texture that is filling enough without being too heavy.

My household enjoys this yummy breakfast bread and my little man LOVES helping me mix it up. His favorite part is of course helping me put the chocolate chips in, but only because I let him sneak a few for himself.  IMG_9409 This recipe is adapted from Elana’s Pantry. Also, be sure to check out practical-stewarship’s version as well.


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Jul 16

baked donuts with chocolate buttercream frosting

One night while Ian was gone last weekend, I really wanted buttercream chocolate frosting. I wanted breakfast for dinner, and so naturally, that lead to donuts for dinner. IMG_9681 IMG_9660 As I was making these Job kept telling me thank you (which for him looks more like blowing me kisses). While they were in the oven I got a thank you. While I was putting sprinkles on his, another, and then again after I gave him his VERY own frosted donut. They were a big hit with my kiddos. It made daddy being gone a little more bearable. IMG_9684 IMG_9667 And seriously, look at Job’s face here. He can NOT wait to consume the WHOLE thing!  IMG_9688 I found this recipe and knew I wanted to make it my own. So I went to work in the kitchen. After a few tries and tweaks, I think I got it. So here you go. Enjoy.

Shared at Metamorphosis Monday and Savvy Southern Style.

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