Aug 20

called to the life of the ridiculous


We got Hank a new crate a few weeks ago, and after Ian put it together, the kids enjoyed making a fort out of it. We may need to get another one for the kids to play in. :) IMG_0471 On a completely separate note, I want to tell you all about the completely ridiculous happenings of the last few days. It’s been one of those weeks were you are thinking “Really Lord, could this get any more crazy?” and then it does. :) As my English teacher always said, “We are called to the life of the ridiculous”.

So let’s start back on Saturday. Ian has been building Hank a dog house and he was out working on it most of the day. He’s also been putting in more hours at work, so I asked him how he was feeling after a long week of work and then a long day of working hard outside. He said he was feeling kind of weird and tired, but we just chalked it up to working hard and long. IMG_0490 The next day he said he still felt weird and that he was having these weird symptoms but he thought they were from his new vitamins. I then informed him I thought he had a UTI. I hopped online and of course read that it’s highly unusual for a man to have a UTI and it was probably something much worse. Ian told me to stop reading and go to bed, we could deal with it the following day.

So the next day the symptoms continued so I went and got an at home UTI tester kit. It was positive. So that night we went to urgent care to get him an antibiotic. Any slight fear I had from reading all that stuff online were gone after talking to our doctor. We left the urgent care to go and get the antibiotic and go home.  IMG_0509 Trying to get the antibiotic was quite the ordeal. They couldn’t find our insurance in the system, the insurance company was closed because it’s a west coast company. So we would have to pay cash to get the medicine. So we paid cash and went home.

The doctor had told Ian to take two pills the first night to kickstart the process. Ian took the first one and about 30 minutes later felt like his allergies were kicking in so he took his allergy medicine. About 10 minutes after that he felt like his face was swelling and felt chilled. He was super congested and his throat was beginning to feel tight.

At this point it’s 10pm and everything is closed, except the ER. He could still breath fine, so to avoid a hospital trip we decided to take LOTS of Benadryl and just keep an eye on things. I set my alarm. We went to bed after he was feeling better and three hours later, I woke up to check on him and give him more meds. I felt like I had a new born again.  IMG_0515 I had a hard time falling back asleep and Ian is pumped full of drugs, so at this point our household is pretty tired. It was a crazy night! We started with a UTI and almost ended up in the hospital. I am so thankful he is okay and feeling better. We have another prescription waiting at the pharmacy. Hope this next one works okay with no side effects.

This whole thing has once again shown me that the Lord is in control and that in a moment he can take away the things we hold so dear – health, money, and our loved ones. I am just so thankful we are on the road to recovery. He is faithful to show me my sin in these type of situations and so kind to teach me gently.


  • Micah James Lugg

    Kim, good reminder. Life can turn on a dime and we need to depend on Christ in the relaxed and crazy times. I’m glad Ian’s feeling better. What was was it in the meds that he is allergic to?

    • Kim

      I really don’t know what it was in the meds that he was allergic to. We will just be avoiding that one! His new meds seem to be working without making him feel like Hitch ;) Very thankful!

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