About Us

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The name for the blog is part and parcel to the heartbeat of it. It represents a union between a certain man (Ian) and certain woman (Kim). We officially became “iklugg” on June 18, 2010 when we celebrated what we had waited for so long for – being united in marriage. We don’t take this thing called marriage lightly because we believe and confess that there is one God who created all things – including marriage – for our joy and His glory.

I say all this because it gets to the heart of who we are and why we would even endeavor to do something like this blog. We believe that food has been given by a good God and is to be enjoyed to it’s fullest extent because He gave it for such an end. We believe that creating is a function that echos back to our Creator and so we do it, knowing we are bearing His image. We believe that both husbands and wives have unique roles that are equally important yet uniquely different. Each require different skill-sets and qualities – so naturally our posts will reflect that.

We are two people who love God and love the story that He has put us in. This blog is simply an expression of our love for God and our reveling in this exciting, multi-faceted world that we live in. We don’t strive to cook amazing food, create things from scratch, and bring out the best life has to offer simply because we must survive and we might as well make it exciting. We do it because we know why we exist and we know who gave us all this amazing stuff we call matter. We do it because we love the One who gave us life and we don’t take tomorrow for granted.

We’ve been blessed with two amazing kids – Job (2 years), Ruthie (1 year), and one more little girlie on the way  - to love, train and nurture. They play a very integral role in our lives and so naturally they are apart of this blog as well. As we learn more and more about all the amazing stuff we have to work with here on this earth, we want to broaden our children’s appreciation of it too. If nothing else, this blog might function as somewhat of a journal, a glimpse into our lives and a snapshot of our attempt to make the most of everything we’ve been given.

So whether or not you share our beliefs, we welcome you to enjoy the fruit of them. We hope that your life will be enriched and your soul brought joy – whether that’s through your stomach or your mind. We hope that this fills you in a little about who we are and what this whole thing is all about.