Feb 13

Boy? or Girl?

it's a girl!

I have had this post written for about two weeks now. First my blog was down for over a week. I was locked out of it. After getting that fixed I was then having doubts about the name we had picked out. So, while most of this post was about our name and why we picked it… We are back to the drawing board there and so, there is no name announcement, yet. I am eager to start calling our little peanut (more like butternut squash, at this stage of the game) by the name we pick out, and I can tell you Ian is so over talking about names. So hopefully very soon we will land on a good one. But enough about the name, let’s talk about the gender! :)

I woke up Thursday (January 30th) morning giddy with anticipation. I originally was thinking it was a boy because I have been SO SICK (like I was with Job) but then the heart rate was 150 (on the higher side), like Ruthie. The thing is, neither of those are sure things. I really didn’t know what to pick. I have been wrong every pregnancy, so I went in to the appointment ready for anything.

We had a different ultrasound technician than I had with the other two. This lady was so nice and told us right away what we were having. The ultrasound appointment with the other two kids felt so long as I laid there eagerly awaiting the BIG gender reveal. Since we knew the gender the whole appointment flew by. I could have laid there all day looking at our little one. I still can’t believe how developed they are at just 19 weeks. That little spine in there is so amazing! I can’t believe people can see an ultrasound and not think that’s a baby in there. But I guess the devil is good at deceiving.

So, without any further ado:  it's a girl! We can’t wait to meet our little girlie! Only about 18 more weeks! This is one excited mama!


  • Kim

    Yeah, we had two boy names we loved and the girl names are harder for us to come by. ;) I hope we pick one soon. I have a feeling I will just have to pick something soon or my poor husband will probably just pick one of our boy names to get it over with ;) hahaha.

  • Tyler Gates

    Yeah!! So fun to have another girl. Ruthie will have so much fun with a sister close in age and Job is going to be so great as a big brother to two sweet sisters. Can’t wait to hear the final decision on the name and even more excited to meet her :)
    - Laura

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