Sep 28

birthday week

Last week was birthday in the LuggBerg household. With three birthdays in less than a week, it’s a party to say the least. We started the celebration with homemade cake donuts. I was just going to buy them, but my mom’s favorite are just plan vanilla cake donuts with chocolate frosting. All I could find were chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. That would not do, so we went the homemade way. They were a hit.birthday week1 Then we finished the night off with dinner at Red Robin. We were all there: Mom, Dad, Garrett, Grant, Becca, John, and the five of us. It took an hour to be seated (booo) but was super yummy (since we were STARVING!!!) and really fun! And our waiter made up for the wait by bringing us lots of hot fries early. (Did I say we were STARVING?!?)birthday week 4Next up was my birthday! In what week do you get donuts two days in a row? Yay for birthday week! My dad outdid himself on the donut love. He went to three different donut places and got maple bars so we would taste test them and find the best in town. They were all very different and VERY hard to pick just one. It was a toss up between Haggens and Henrys Donuts (If Henrys had more maple flavor in the frosting it would have won hands down.) Man, I want a maple bar now!!!
birthday week 3My hubby outdid himself this year! He bought me a dress for our night on the town! From White House|Black Market! AND got me the Tiffany Co. bracelet I have been wanting since high school! I felt so cute and loved that night! (THANKS BABE!)
birthday week 7 We headed down to Seattle to have dinner at Wild Ginger (everyone should eat there at least once in their life, YUM!). We went there on our honeymoon, so it was super fun to reminisce about all the fun and crazy over the last four years. birthday weekbirthday week 6 After a few days of recovering from my mom and I’s birthday we celebrated Roo’s 2nd birthday. All she wanted was a Dinosaur cake, so we made it as girlie as possible. Gold and pink, that’s how we roll around here. We had a nice little family dinner of pasta, bread, and veggies and then headed off to small group. It was a fun night celebrating our Roo. birthday week 10 birthday week 8 The little Doll stroller we got her has been a big hit with all the kids, even our little Doll. (*Disclaimer: EllaBeth just sat in it for a picture! We don’t let them push our 3 month old around in it! :)

birthday week 2We had one last birthday party with the Lugg’s on Friday night. It was a great finish to the week of partying. Ruthie was so excited about one last birthday celebration! :) So thankful for another year with the people I love.

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