Aug 30

life lately

Well, it’s been over 4 months since my last blog post. There has been so much going on around here. We have since put our house up on the market. Ian graduated with his masters degree. We sold the house, had a baby, and moved with a 2 week old across the country. We’ve now settled into life here in Washington State. Ian got a new job. We celebrated Job’s 3rd birthday. My brother got married (at our house!), and we have just started pre-schooling the two oldest. It’s been a super fun, exciting 4 months full of so many changes. We still aren’t completely caught up from all the changes, but we are counting our blessings from the last 4 months.

life latley8I love this picture! It’s one of the only ones I have of me BIG prego with EllaBeth. I was just 1 week out. So fun.

IMG_5784Here she is!!! After 9 months of waiting she made her big debut, weighing in at 8lbs 3oz! She was more than a whole POUND smaller than Roo. I so wanted a “small” baby, and I got one! We were more than thankful! She’s such a sweet little laid-back blessing! Loving every minute with her!

life lately 9Enjoying our first morning with EllBell. Lots of snuggles all around.

life lately 10Just two weeks later, we were off to Washington. It only took us 6 days with 3 littles, 3 adults, a dog, a van, a moving truck pulling a car, and many, many bathroom breaks.

life latley 3IMG_3752We hit the ground running. It was the 4th of July week and we had 4 parties in just 6 days. What a fun way to celebrate. Lots of yummy food and friends new and old. It was a fun filled week.

life lately 1And did I mention lots of parties and s’mores?!

life latley 2Even EllaBeth and I enjoyed our fair share of marshmallows! MMM!

IMG_3898We were even able to attend a high school friend’s pre-wedding reception. Shout out to Natalie! Congrats. So fun seeing so many old friends. And since she wants to be an Astronaut, they had it at the Arlington fly-in. It was a BIG hit with the kids!

life lately 6Job celebrated his 3rd birthday by going to his first movie, “Planes, Fire and Rescue”. Uncle Josiah and GiGi (my mom) got to go too. It was the perfect beginning to a fun “Planes” celebration.

life lately 11life lately 12

life latley 4life latley 7life lately 5

We have been loving being around so much family these days! A love of cuddles all around. 

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