Mar 18

a few of my favorite recipes

I have a few recipes of my own in the works, but they aren’t ready to share with y’all. So I thought I would share some new recipes we have tried lately, and really liked. Hope you get a chance to try a few of these yummy dishes soon.IMG_3928We have been loving these Whole Wheat Waffles. They are great topped with pure maple syrup, or strawberries and whipped cream. This recipe makes a huge batch. They do toast up in the toaster quite nicely for a quick, yummy breakfast. But if I just want fresh ones, I half the recipe.

This Irish Soda Bread was divine. I made two loafs – one with just the basics and another with orange and cranberry add ins with a little sugar. I think the plain served with Honey Butter was the favorite. This would be a great addition to any soup or chili recipe. And be sure to make this Irish Stew┬ásometime. I did it with stew beef and beef broth. It was my first attempt at stew and it was glorious with very tender meat. It was super yummy and hearty.

We really liked these Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Tacos. They had great flavor and were a big hit. The kids ate tons of the filling on its own the next day.

Another yummy new addition is this Berry and Quinoa Oatmeal! Both kids were asking for more and I was left hoping there was still some more in the pan. We will be adding this to our breakfast rotation for sure. Yummy and healthy. I loved the frozen berries on top to help the oats cool and then sprinkled the brown sugar on top instead of stirring it in because I love how brown sugar almost caramelizes on top of hot oats. It get’s all syrupy and delicious. Be sure to check this recipe out. It will be sure to please. (I doubled it for the kids and I… If you double the recipe the 6TBS of both the oats and the quinoa equal 1/3 cup each… hope that makes doubling easier)

And one last one, this Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup is a great one to add to your crockpot list. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot Saturday night and put it in the refrigerator over night. Then Sunday morning I pulled it out before church. It cooked while we were worshipping and then we came home to a yummy smelling house and were able to fellowship with some friends over a yummy, easy meal. Just served it with some chips. Super quick and easy. We ate the whole pot. Ruthie ate 3 bowls. I would say that’s a win.

Hope this is helpful and you are able to give a few of them a try. More favorites to come. For now, enjoy your Saint Pattie’s day! We are off to celebrate by eat homemade pizza with our friends the Ronks who are passing through Raleigh on their way to their old stomping grounds in Eastern NC. Can’t wait to see them and feast a little.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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