Jul 26

thankful thursday #2

So last week I did my first “Thankful Thursday” post. I think I am going to make this a regular thing. I am not promising EVERY Thursday, but regular, none the less. I want to be a thankful person and this is an easy way to stay in that thankful mindset. I have so much to be thankful for, yet it can be so easy to grow complacent. So here we are, Thursday again, and many things to be thankful. Just a few….

essie madison ave-hueI love Essie nail polish. It really is far superior to any other nail polish I have tried. But at almost $8 a bottle, lets just say it’s a rare treat to go buy one. This particular color was a gift from my husband. He knows how much I love to go and look at all the pretty colors, but most of the time leave empty handed. So for our anniversary he took me to go and pick one out. It took me like 10 minutes to decide because I love most of the colors :) but I ended up getting this “madison ave-hue” color. I love how it appears purple or pink depending on what it’s worn with. It’s the perfect ingredient to make me feel girly and cute on days where diapers and dog poop consume my time.
glow sticksI am so thankful for the glimmer of hope and fun I can have with my kids on hard days. This particular day was especially hard and I was finding myself being short with the kids, so what did we do? Built a fort in Ian and I’s closet, shut the door, got some glow sticks out, and played in there for a good 30 minutes or so. We had a great time. (This was BY FAR the best picture I got in that dark closet, and it’s far from decent.)
jadeite bowl + washi tapeI am really enjoying washi tape these days. It’s an easy way to make something bright and happy. But the only thing better then a pile of washi tape, is a pile of washi tape in my great-grandmother’s jadeite bowl. This is probably my favorite dish I own, and I love dishes, because it’s one of the only things of my great-grandmother’s that I have to remember her by. It is a well loved and well used part of our family history.

You may be wondering why I actually USE such a precious piece and I have two reasons. One, my great-grandmother was a very practical, hard working lady. She worked at a hardware store and didn’t have too many fancy things. I think she would have wanted me to use the dish rather then just have it sitting in storage. And two, because what fun is having an heirloom if you don’t use it? I think of her every time I use it, and I think she would have wanted that.
skypeAnd last, but not least, I am so thankful for Skype! We Skype someone in our family most everyday. I love that our kids get to see their grandparents even though we live thousands of miles away. (Yes, that is my mother on the computer in the background, probably playing the “Is this the same?” game!)

Hope you are able to find a few things you are thankful for, even if they are as silly as nail polish, tape, or glow sticks. These are simple but good gifts that we’ve been given and to delight in them is a good thing. And of course, all of this thankfulness is TO the Creator and Sustainer, Jesus, who gives all good gifts.

happy thursday!

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Jul 23

weekend fun

I had every intention of posting this post yesterday, but that just didn’t happen. Between cleaning up puppy pee and loving on some cranky kids all while trying to make a meal for a family in our church who are leaving to pick up there adopted daughter (YAY!!!), let’s just say, it just didn’t happen. So here we are, Tuesday, and I am just now finishing up this post about our weekend. But that’s okay.kitchenaidOn a side note, maybe it’s time for me to reset my “normal” to a little more “crazy”. I feel like I keep saying how crazy it is. So there, I did it. I just reset our new “normal” to “crazy” for all the world to see.laundrybasketBack to the original post… This weekend flew by! Ian was busy with meetings, mowing the lawn, and getting a flat tire. And I was busy with kids and a puppy. (Ian has helped me too).laundry basketSaturday we did our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s and ate dinner at Chipotle. We don’t eat there often, but we should. It’s so yummy! We then headed to Caribou Coffee for Ian and Menchi’s Frozen Yogurt for me! I love a good cup of Frozen Yogurt. The kids helped me eat my FroYo.bath timeThen Sunday we headed off to church to hear an awesome sermon from Paster Scott. It’s the best sermon I have heard in awhile. But then again, it was the first Sunday in a long time I was able to sit through the whole thing without needing to attend to one of my children. Needless to say, it was very refreshing and just what I needed to hear to start off my week. I feel like I always need to be remind to lay down my life and to live out my doctrine in love.bathtimeOn a lesser note, I gave Job a haircut while Ruthie was in a laundry basket and the puppy ran around in the crazy humidity. And of course I decided to let Job eat a sticky sucker… with all of his hair clippings flying around. Let’s just say it was crazy. We were all covered in hair, sweating, and in much need of a bath.bathtubIt was a full, busy weekend, and it was one where I was FIGHTING for joy, but we made it to another week. So here we are. Tuesday. Off to do more fighting.


Jul 20

life through sacrifice

I have been thinking about this quote for a few weeks now. I have had it displayed on my chalkboard for awhile and think about it often.

IMG_9677“Live hard. Enjoy every moment. Get blisters and on your deathbed receive death as the grace it was intended to be.” – ND Wilson

How can we receive death as a grace? Isn’t death scary, sad, and the very thing we strive to avoid? In Christ, on the contrary. God has designed it to be a blessing. At the end of a long, hard, and happy life, death IS a blessing. I love how death is indeed a grace for those in Him, who have worked hard – putting it all on the line, and for those who have enjoyed the struggles and the joys life has thrown at them.

Along these same lines, Ian and I have been talking lots about sacrifice. It’s a good way to live life, sacrificing for one another. Laying down our lives daily for one another. Christ sacrificed for us and therefore, we sacrifice for others. It’s only through the cross that sacrificing even makes sense. We as Christians should be the foremost in laying down our lives with joy!

I have struggled being grabby with “Ian time.” When he is home, I want him all to myself. I don’t want to have people over too often or let him go get too many coffees with other guys. But just in the last few months Ian and I  have been talking about bleeding for the church. And that has gotten me REALLY excited to lay down my life (time, naps for the kids, my agenda, and money) for His people. Just a few ways we have been trying to apply this is by having people over more regularly (and focusing more on them then whether my house is perfectly clean or not), by me being excited to have Ian meet with other guys, and by getting together with others more often during the week. I have found when I am thinking about laying down my life and leaving a piece of my heart here in NC, I get really excited to bleed!

And I love how when you feel like you have nothing left to give or to sacrifice, Christ just keeps giving you more grace. What a kind God we serve.

I can’t wait to see what other good thoughts are in ND Wilson’s new book, “Death by Living”. I am sure it won’t disappoint.

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Jul 19

thankful thursday

The other day I was looking through our photos and found a few that brought much thankfulness to my heart! I am so glad I got to marry my best friend and that he still makes me laugh harder then anyone I know. I couldn’t ask for a better leader, friend, husband, and father to my kids. He truly is such a blessing and I am so thankful for him!Lugg461 And then there is my Jobie! He is such a delight and I LOVE being his mama. I love how he quickly makes friends and is eager to shake a hand or give a fist bump. He is such a goof and we love it! I also love his attention to detail. I don’t know too many 1 year olds who will sit and consider the ant. He is such a joy and I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to use him! IMG_0245 My Ruthie girl! She is so sweet and her smile lights up the whole room. Though she is reserved with others, she is such a delight. And boy does she love her brother. She laughs harder at him then anyone else. I love to watch their affections for each other grow. My Rue-Rue is such a tender hearted little girl and I love that she’s a mama’s girl. I am so thankful to the Lord for this sweet little blessing!


Happy Thursday!

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Jul 18

meet hank

IMG_9790I can’t believe I am writing this post. But as you can see from the pictures, we are now proud dog owners. Last night we drove to our friends house to pick up Hank, this super sweet, laid back, fun, Champagne Lab.
IMG_9802He is a great fit for our family. We are laid back people with a hint of crazy and some fun thrown in there and that’s how I would describe Hank too.
Lugg 3The kids are still getting used to him, but they love to pet him and Job loves to give an occasional kiss.

Lugg 1Job was a little unsure of him at first, but has quickly warmed up to him and is learning how to fend off all the dog kisses.
Lugg 2Our friends, the previous owners and breeders, named him Hank. We really couldn’t have picked a better name for him as Ian grew up reading “Hank the Cowdog”. And he really does look like a Hank. We are so glad we got such a sweet dog.

Ian joked that since God hasn’t blessed us with baby #3 yet, I guess it was time to add a dog. :) It really does feel kind of like having a new born, but with out all the crazy hormones, and for that I am VERY thankful!

I still can’t believe we are dog owners. I really am NOT a dog person, or an animal person for that matter. This just shows off God’s sense of humor. I guess He wants to work on my sanctification here. And boy is He!


Jul 8

fourth + family + one fun weekend

I am loving this extra long weekend with the hubby! We have loved all the extra time with him. I think Job is really eating up the fact that Daddy is here and we all eat BREAKFAST together! As you can tell by the below two pics that Ian has been helping lots with the kids. Check out Job’s double plaid! (In his defense, there was NOTHING left in the drawers that matched the plaid shorts).

IMG_8894 IMG_8908For our Fourth of July fun this year we had some fun with glow sticks but hey, maybe next year we’ll step up to sparklers. And of course, my glow stick jar is covered in washi tape! I must washi everything I can. Cute things are so much fun and help the ETPing (Enjoying The Process). 
Ian taught Saturday morning for our church’s men’s meeting, and to celebrate his hard work, I made some yummy breakfast for us all. We had our own version of Keri’s english muffin french toast recipe. They were a big hit!

IMG_9145Job got to enjoy one of the left over doughnuts Ian brought home from the men’s breakfast. To say the least, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

IMG_9131 IMG_9136At breakfast I proclaimed that I am now a writer and that’s why I use good descriptive words. Ian laughed out loud at me and thus, this picture was captured!
We also did our weekly Saturday trip to Trader Joe’s after breakfast. I love how in this next picture you can see Job in full action with his little man cart. He LOVES helping me get the groceries. I often find him putting random items in his cart just because it’s fun to put things in it. He is getting to be quite the little helper boy.IMG_9187 Uncle Ross got us all flag shirts (and thanks to my mother-in-law) they arrived Friday evening, so we pretended that the 6th of July was the 4th and all wore our new shirts! We even managed to get in a few family pictures. Thanks Ross and Renee!IMG_9225 IMG_9243 IMG_9239 IMG_9244Look how cute this dress is that my mother-in-law gave Ruthie! I love that it has her name embroidered on it – so southern. And you will notice she has a little Sunday morning egg left on her face. This girlie loves her food! IMG_9256 IMG_9289 IMG_9315I always enjoy sweet kisses from my precious kiddos!
IMG_9341Hope you all were able to rest up and have a little fun too. Now, it’s time for me to hit the laundry, dishes, bathrooms, and bedding!

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